You have never browsed this fast before — Introducing Opera 10.50 beta for Windows

February 11, 2010 – Oslo, Norway

Opera today released the beta of Opera 10.50 – the latest and the most advanced version of its cutting-edge desktop Web browser. Besides being the fastest Web browser, Opera 10.50 beta also offers a minimalist, sleek design and maximum browsing space. The latest from Opera comes with a wide array of features and functionality and more Web standards support. Best of all, it is free and currently available for Windows users at Mac and Linux betas are expected hard on the heels of the Windows release.

The fastest browser ever

With the fastest JavaScript engine and graphics library, and great speed on limited networks with Opera Turbo, Opera 10.50 promises to be the fastest browser on Earth. The brand new JavaScript engine, Carakan, runs Web applications faster and more smoothly – more than eight times faster than its predecessor – and can easily speed up even the most demanding Web sites.

In addition to faster JavaScript, Opera 10.50 includes an updated version of the unique Opera Turbo technology for significantly faster browsing on limited networks than any other Web browser.

Everything in Opera 10.50 beta is drawn on your screen using Opera’s new high performance graphics library, Vega. This enables fast and smooth graphics for everything from tab switching to animation on Web pages.

A better, leaner look

Opera 10.50 boasts of a beautiful minimalist interface – polished, cleaner skin with maximum space usage. The new Opera menu in Windows replaces the menu bar and 10.50 offers overall improved visuals such as Speed Dial, effects on visual tabs and more.

Make your tabs and windows private

Plan that vacation you always wanted, without tipping anyone off. Now, with private browsing in Opera 10.50, you can browse and leave no trace of the Web sites you have visited or other actions you have performed. What differentiates Opera from other browsers is that you can create private tabs and private windows.

Smarter address field and smarter searches

Now, it is easier to use your preferred search engine, right from the address field. The new address field also shows your matching results in your history, bookmarks and even actual content on the pages you have visited. You can use different search engines and Web-site searches from the new Search field. Adding custom searches such as Twitter, looking at previous searches or finding something on the current page is a breeze.

Beautiful Windows integration

With the Aero Glass effect on Windows 7 and Vista, Opera 10.50 beta looks better than ever. Enjoy the best Windows 7 integration with Aero Peek, Jump List support and a completely reorganized and easier to use menu bar under the new Opera menu.

Widgets that go native

A new platform allows Opera Widgets to move beyond the Web browser and into your desktop. Each widget can run as a separate process, independent from the browser, leading them to behave as native applications.

For our developer friends: The latest in Web-standards compliance

Opera has always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting and implementing Web standards, and this time is no different. The new Opera Presto 2.5 engine in Opera 10.5 beta provides enhanced support for HTML5, full support for CSS 2.1 and much of the latest CSS3, displaying Web sites, just as developers and designers intended them to look.

What we say

“Our previous JavaScript engine, Futhark, was the fastest when it was first introduced a few years ago, and the challenge for our engineers was to once again to make Opera the fastest browser on earth,” says Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software. “We are proud today to show the results of the amazing work the team has done, and we are looking forward with great anticipation to the final release of Opera 10.50.”