Are you Generation W?

Opera invites Generation W on a road trip

Oslo, Norway – 24 June 2010

Generation W, a generation of young people who never lived without the Web, are taking to the road for an Opera-sponsored road trip of the United States. By recruiting five web ambassadors from all over the world, Opera seeks to put the “world” in World Wide Web by touring the United States, visiting 30 cities all over the country.

Inviting the ambassadors to show the latest in web innovation, Opera aims spread the word of the Web, as seen from active users from all over the world.

During the month-long bus tour, the web ambassadors will spend one month on the road reaching out to developers and help improve the web. Innovations such as Opera Mini have taken the whole Web from offices in western countries, deep into deserts and jungles all over the world.

This represents a challenge not only from the browser makers and Internet providers, but also to web developers. By giving developers an outside look at the Web, Opera raises awareness for key factors that matter all over the world. Bandwidth conservation, standards contributions and multiple device rendering are all factors that influence everyday web use.

Turn to the crowd

Applicants for the Generation W tour are recruited by visiting the My Opera community to turn in their biographies and applications. From there, community votes, media interest and the stories they have to tell will help us decide how to fill the five open slots.

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Join the Opera crew for a month on the road and an adventure you will never forget, meeting the most important people of today’s Internet community.