Opera.com welcomes Spanish speakers

Opera visitors from Spanish-speaking countries will be greeted in their native language at Opera.com

As of this week, all Opera.com visitors who have Spanish set as their browser language will automatically get Spanish as the default language on the Opera Software home page.

Spanish is one of the latest languages added to the Opera portfolio in a joint effort by Opera employees and members of the fast-expanding Spanish-speaking Opera community who assisted Opera employees in the process.

“It is our wish that as many as possible of our more than 150 million users will be greeted in their native language when they visit our websites,” says Opera Co-founder, Jon von Tetzchner. “Providing native Spanish speakers with localized content on several levels of Opera.com will lower the threshold for our new users.”

Opera has increased its reach worldwide with the Opera Mini mobile browser, the world’s most widely used mobile browser. In addition to having a Spanish language main web site, Opera 10.63 for desktop and Opera Mini are both available in Spanish.