Lights, camera, action!

Opera Software and UK broadcaster provide anytime access to favorite TV and radio shows

Oslo, Norway – 22 December 2010


Today, Opera Software announced it is now able to offer a BBC iPlayercompatible version of its browser to the consumer electronicsindustry, for use on connected televisions, Blu-ray players andset-top boxes. The broadcaster allows users in the United Kingdom freeaccess to favorite television and radio programs from the past week.

The Opera Devices SDK has been pre-ported to popular chipsets from avariety of silicon vendors and currently ships on millions ofconnected TV devices such as televisions, Blu-ray players and set-topboxes. By integrating the Opera Devices SDK in modern connected TVdevices, manufacturers can make use of an out-of-the-box solution, tobring premium web-based TV services to the market.Adopting a web-standards-based approach for content development allowsbroadcasters to work in fast-paced research and development cycles,while maintaining relationships with device manufacturers seekingdeployment of these services in a cost-effective manner.

Opera actively contributes to forging the building blocks of theInternet by participating in various Internet and technology-industrygoverning bodies and forums. Opera is a leader in the World Wide WebConsortium (W3C), with membership in a number of W3C working groups.By offering a version of its browser, which works with Bigscreen BBCiPlayer on TV devices, Opera enables portability of the browser ontovarious devices, without the need to rebuild them for eachimplementation. Additionally, it brings added value for the OEMslooking for short time-to-market with services popular for the endconsumer.

“The Bigscreen BBC iPlayer service is based on open web standards towhich Opera Software is deeply committed; allowing for an environmentrich with innovation and ease of development for content providers,”said Lars Boilesen, CEO Opera Software. “BBC iPlayer is the mostpopular catch-up TV service available in the United Kingdom, and OperaSoftware seeks to bring this video-on-demand service across multipledevices to the BBC’s customers and end users.”