With Opera, WAC is right here, right now

Oslo, Norway – February 14, 2010

Opera Software today opened a new world of mobile applications by launching the Opera Widget Runtime. Operators and developers are now able to expand their selections of applications on the Android platform, to include WAC (Wholesale Application Community)-compatible applications – right here, right now.

With the WAC specification, an ecosystem for operators, mobile manufacturers and developers is created as several independent, yet compatible application stores. This allows developers to program for several platforms, and operators to quickly establish an application store within their networks.

Opera Widget Runtime is a fully functional implementation of the WAC 1.0 specification, ready to be installed on Android devices. With heavyweight supporters of the community, the WAC specification has the potential to reach more than three billion mobile phone users who now have no access to a mobile application store.

Thanks to Opera Widget Runtime, operators can now start building their own services based on WAC specifications and implement their own application store across devices and platforms. With possibilities of installing an alternate application store on several mobile platforms, the WAC specifications make the three “D’s easier: Deployment, Development and Download.

The Opera Widget Runtime can be easily customized and integrated with any WAC application store. Right now, the Opera Widget Runtime is getting pre-integrated with leading white-label application-store providers. To see working implementations on current mobile phones, visit Opera’s booth at Mobile World Congress, Booth Hall 1 C44.

Developers are now able to start developing and porting their applications to the WAC 1.0 specifications and run them on a mobile phone. The feature set of the WAC specifications enables developers to reach a whole new audience of users, outside today’s typical application users.

“With WAC, the implementation is fast and multi-platform – right here, right now,” said Christen Krogh, CDO at Opera Software. “The WAC specification opens up new markets, previously inaccessible for operators and developers.”

Early adopters can find out what is in store for them with the WAC platform right now. By installing the Opera Widget Runtime on a smartphone running the Android platform, those who are curious about the WAC specification can start using WAC applications – today.

Read more about the WAC 1.0 specification here: http://specs.wacapps.net/wac1_0/dec2010/overview.html