Charge your satellite Internet connection

Barcelona, Spain – February 17, 2011

Opera Mini, the world leader in mobile web browsing, is now available on desktop to help you get more out of your satellite Internet broadband. Russian satellite provider Raduga-Internet offers a unique service: unlimited web surfing with a special desktop edition of Opera Mini, for just 29 RUR a month (0.72 EUR).

This service is available to all satellite Internet users and is especially helpful for those who live outside of big cities, where broadband infrastructure is not developed enough or is significantly expensive. Moreover, it is easy to switch to the Raduga-Internet service for users of almost any other satellite communications provider operating in Russia.

“Our company is working toward technology solutions that provide comfortable and inexpensive Internet access for end users throughout Russia, wherever they are,” said Alexander Kalmykov, CEO of Raduga-Internet. “We are confident the joint project with Opera is a step in a new direction for the Web for everyone, opening up vast prospects for both customers and the two companies.”

The Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile browser, thanks to its data-compression technology that crunches down webpages by up to 90 percent. This unique functionality has already brought the Web to millions of mobile phones around the world and now helps to save money while you are surfing the Web via satellite Internet.

“Until now Opera-Mini based packages for unlimited web surfing were offered only to mobile operators” subscribers,” said Mikhail Ilin, Director of Sales, Opera Software, CIS. “The service by Raduga-Internet for desktop users is unique not only for Russia, but for the whole world, so we are particularly proud to announce it today.”

Learn more about Raduga-Internet’s unlimited service with the Opera Mini:

About Raduga-Internet

The company was founded in 2005 by experts in software for telco development. Progressive management, extensive experience and professionalism – these are the main causes of dynamic and successful company development in such a short period of time. Now the company’s services are available throughout the Russian Federation and it serves more than 100,000 loyal customers. Learn more about Raduga-Internet at