Opera’s exciting new TV lineup at IP&TV World Forum

Oslo, Norway and London, UK – March 21, 2011

Grab the nearest couch! At the IP&TV World Forum this week, Opera Software will unveil a new version of its embeddable browser engine for TVs, so, in addition to watching your favorite shows, you can also browse the websites to your favorite shows and a host of rich associated web applications directly on your TV.

Following its recent announcements of numerous deals with Tier-1 connected TV and set-top box vendors, Opera will launch Opera Devices SDK 3.0 at the show and also demonstrate live customer solutions based on the product, as well as pure technology demos that visualize its capability.

What is on at prime time?

Opera for Devices SDK 3.0 will be loaded with features that include the following:

  • A totally re-designed SVG rendering engine, boosting performance up to 10 times and making it possible for cable operators and set-top-box manufacturers to implement shiny new interfaces
  • Improved HTML5 compliance and wider platform support for shorter time-to-market and lower cost to OEMs
  • Enhanced compatibility and simpler integration to manufacturers looking for a HbbTV solution
  • HTML5 video pre-integrated on some platforms
  • Upgraded Content Developer Kit (CDK) to help bring your HTML 5 applications to Opera-powered TVs

Following this launch, an evaluation version of Opera for Devices SDK 3.0 will be available for download at www.opera.com/tv.

“A revolution is about to happen on TV as HTML5 apps take shape, with manufacturers and cable operators starting to implement TVs and set-top boxes with HTML5-capable browsers,” said Frode Hernes, VP Products, TV and Connected Devices, Opera Software. “This is a big win for the Web and content developers, as we bring web standards to the TV platform. Opera is, once again, leading the revolution to bring HTML5 content to TVs by launching the more compliant Opera for Devices SDK 3.0, as well as related tools for OEMs and content developers.”

HTML5 apps provide richer functionality, are eye-pleasing, cross platform and can take advantages of the many web developer tools which complement Opera’s CDK. At Opera’s booth, located at stand no. 47, you can also see the demo for powerful in-browser debugging of TV applications using the Opera for Devices CDK (Content Development Kit). The Opera for Devices CDK is a free tool targeting web developers and content providers to make their applications and content available on TVs.

The IP&TV World Forum will take place in London from March 22 to March 24, 2011. To schedule a meeting with a representative from Opera Software during the IP&TV World Forum, contact press11@opera.com.