Break on through to the mobile side

NK and Opera give the real mobile browsing touch to fill the beaches with people this summer

Wroclaw, Poland – 12 July 2011

If you have never tried mobile browsing, this summer you won”t be able to resist. NK, the top social network in Poland, and Opera Software will show you how simple it is. To start you don’t need to use the small screen in your phone. Simply go to and check out a simulated version of a mobile browser from the comfort of your laptop or computer, to take a look at how mobile web users will be staying in touch this summer.

Think the screen on your phone is too small to follow your friends” updates and photos? Log in to your NK account with the Opera Mini Simulator and surprise yourself. Think that you need extra time to let the webpages load on your feature phone? See how the compression technology in Opera Mini speeds up your mobile surfing. Think it would cost you a fortune to browse the mobile Web abroad? The simulator can’t generate your future phone bills (yet!), but the same compression technology can reduce your roaming data plan costs by up to 90%.

“At Opera we take summer holidays very seriously,” said Krystian Kolondra, Country Manager for Poland, Opera Software. “We expect our users to lie on a beach with instant access to their favorite social network, as it should be. We are glad NK enables users to do the same with the holiday Opera Mini experience.”

“For our users, summer holidays are a very special part of the year. They want to share pictures and memories made all over the world. This sunny time shows us that they need access to NK anywhere they want. We are glad that the Opera Mini Simulator will give them that possibility,” said MichaÅ‚ Pawlik, Marketing Manager, NK.


Go to with your phone’s default browser and click the Opera Mini banner. Opera will automatically select the optimized version for your phone.

About NK

The biggest social network in Poland. More than 13 million active users monthly share pictures, updates, send messages and play social games. According to the State of the Mobile Web report NK is the second most popular destination on the mobile Web for Poland.