Opera raises the bar for mobile advertising

San Mateo, CA – 13 July 2011

Opera Software announced today that their Open Mobile Ad Exchange is now live with two new features that will allow customers to better understand their users and also give publishers and advertisers the ability to participate in a real-time auction for ad impressions.

Whether you are a carrier seeking to better serve your customers, a publisher looking to better monetize your site, or an advertiser trying to understand where you can reach your target audience, the Open Mobile Ad Exchange gives you an easy to use, reliable source of market intelligence closely coupled to a finely tuned real-time bidding platform.

Opera Mobile Audience Network

The newly launched Opera Mobile Audience Network provides fine-grain analytics and intelligence for carriers, OEMs, advertisers and publishers to better understand their mobile audiences and monetize their mobile properties. In addition to receiving timely measurement of mobile Internet traffic, customers benefit from market intelligence created by trend data collection across more than 100 million mobile users.

Empowered by this market intelligence customers can visualize and address individual market segments, increase the value of the mobile audience to advertisers and develop key insight into content, trends and preferences.

All of this is delivered in an environment that protects consumer privacy and without the use of any personally identifiable information.

New bid and ask system

To better monetize the mobile audience, advertisers and publishers can participate in an open auction powered by Opera’s new bid and ask system. Using this service enhancement, publishers can ask for a specific price for their ad inventory based on the unique real-time value offered by their mobile subscribers to advertisers. Similarly, advertisers can place bids for specific types of mobile web traffic. The Open Mobile Ad Exchange matches advertising bidders with publishers in real time, based on audience and price requirements.

“In managing more than 20 billion mobile ad requests and delivering more than 60 billion mobile Internet page views per month, Opera is in a unique position to provide robust mobile audience data and to fuel a real-time bidding service,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Today we extend our knowledge of the mobile Internet to empower others in the industry with accurate information to understand markets, devices and aggregated usage patterns of an increasingly savvy global mobile audience.”

For more details visit http://www.opera.com/OMAE.html