Opera joins in on making the Web a better place for kids

Oslo, Norway – December 1, 2011

Today, Opera Software joined a pan-European coalition to improve the Web for the next generation of surfers. “A Better Place for Kids”, an initiative coordinated by the European Commission to make the Web a safer and more enjoyable space to be a kid, is welcomed by web browser company Opera Software.

The coalition seeks to make the Internet safer for kids by focusing on age-appropriate privacy settings, wider use of content classification and parental control, a system for single-click reporting on websites, and effective removal of child abuse material.

“In today’s kids we see a generation that has never known life without the Internet,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “It is wonderful to grow up during the greatest information revolution in history, but it also brings a need for great responsibility among those who build the Internet. With this initiative we hope to make the Web a better place to be young, a place where kids can roam, learn and have fun in a safe environment without limiting the free use of the Web.”

The first steps in the coalition action plan are expected to be implemented over the course of 2012, along with regular progress reviews of the coalition’s work.

“This new Coalition should provide both children and parents with transparent and consistent protection tools to make the most of the online world,” said Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President. “The founding Coalition members are already leaders in children’s safety online. Working together we will be setting the pace for the whole industry and have a great basis for fully empowering children online.”

Along with other software manufacturers and content providers, Opera Software backs the European Commission’s initiative and hopes it can serve as a blueprint for similar solutions globally.

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