First Opera-Mini-based service package launches in Azerbaijan

Oslo, Norway – December 2, 2011

Opera Software and Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan, today announced a version of the Opera Mini browser specially developed for Bakcell subscribers. Now, they are able to surf the Web with no limits for just 0.19 Azerbaijani manat per day (about 1.40 NOK) or 1.99 Azerbaijani manat per month (nearly 14.60 NOK) when using Opera Mini.

Opera Mini provides the best Internet experience on nearly any mobile device – whether smartphone, feature phone or tablet. Thanks to a unique compression technology, the browser squeezes data traffic by up to 90 per cent and delivers webpages to a user phone or tablet much faster. At the same time, the compression technology helps mobile operators to optimize mobile network, especially when they are experiencing significant mobile Internet user growth.

According to the latest State of Mobile Web report, Opera Mini has more than 140 million users each month across the globe. Azerbaijan is one of the biggest regions for Opera Mini usage in the CIS. In the past year, the number of Opera Mini users in Azerbaijan has grown by more than 160 percent. The average Azerbaijani user opens more than 1000 webpages and generates over 7 MB of traffic monthly via Opera Mini (all numbers are as of April 2011).

“Opera is a long-term believer in the Web as a universal right for people, no matter where they are, what device they use and what their budget is. These are the key points we have kept in mind when developing Opera Mini,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software. “We are very proud to partner with Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan, who shares our vision and strives to bring fast and comfortable Internet access to all mobile phone users across the country.”

Bakcell has always created a wide range of innovative services for its customers based on the newest technologies.

“In offering the most comfortable and unlimited mobile Internet access with Opera Mini, Bakcell wants to have a positive impact on communication and information sharing in customers” daily life,” said Mr. Richard Shearer, CEO of Bakcell. “With Opera Mini, our users can worry less about their bills for mobile Internet. They can open webpages, check emails and chat with friends on social networks anytime and anywhere. As the most innovative mobile operator in Azerbaijan, we are excited to offer a superior user experience to our subscribers.”

For more information about Unlimited Internet Packages by Bakcell based on Opera Mini, please visit or call 555 when you are on the Bakcell network.

About Bakcell

Bakcell was established in March 1994 as a Joint Venture between GTIB and the Ministry of Communication of the Azerbaijan Republic. Bakcell was the first company that began to provide cellular communication services in Azerbaijan. As one of the first large investors in the Azerbaijan market, Bakcell today is making large investments in the economy of Azerbaijan through its investments in state-of-the-art telecommunication technology and its people who service our customers. Bakcell thereby displays a good example of a highly successful business launch in the country. The company started out as an Analogue (ETACS) System Operator. In December 1998, Bakcell began to implement GSM state-of-the-art telecommunication technology, providing personal communications in compliance with the most competitive international standards. In December 2003 the company’s privatization process was successfully completed and, as a result, since January 2004, Bakcell has operated as a company with 100% private capital. Learn more about Bakcell at