Opera introduces revolutionary ad exchange features with OMAX

San Mateo, USA and Barcelona, Spain – February 27, 2012

Opera Software today launched its next-generation mobile ad exchange at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, further strengthening its role in creating a robust mobile advertising marketplace for publishers and advertisers, globally.


“Leveraging our industry-leading advertising platform, AdMarvel, and the experience gained from managing over 30 billion ad impressions a month, for more than 7,000 mobile sites and mobile apps around the world, we are very excited to bring to market a new and improved product under the new name of OMAX”, said Mahi de Silva, EVP of Consumer Mobile for Opera. “These new features will redefine the way publishers and advertisers deliver mobile advertising.”


Integration with the Opera Audience Network


With the world’s most popular mobile browsers, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, which reach more than 160 million users worldwide, Opera Software has unmatched insight into mobile consumers and their preferences. OMAX, with the aid of the Opera Audience Network, provides both publishers and advertisers fine-grain targeting, intelligence and analytics for better reach, engagement and results. All of this is delivered in an aggregated data environment that protects consumer privacy.

Open and market-driven demand-side participation in OMAX

OMAX enables all parties of the demand-side ecosystem (brands, agencies, ad networks and demand-side platforms) to provide advertising on a highly targeted basis. Additionally, the two recent acquisitions of Mobile Theory (focused on the U.S. market) and 4th Screen (focused on the European market), are now fully integrated as demand-side platforms that can deliver advertising via OMAX. With these acquisitions, OMAX will now offer end-to-end mobile advertising solutions to brands, agencies, publishers and mobile operators around the globe


Platform-agnostic support for mobile web and mobile applications


OMAX can be integrated through a traditional mobile web ad tag, JavaScript ad tag, XML API or native SDKs for iOS and Android, providing easy integration into mobile websites and applications.

Broad, rich media support for mobile web and mobile applications


OMAX is pre-integrated with and provides support for virtually all rich media ad providers, which enable publishers to integrate rich media ad units, including video ads, into their mobile web and mobile application traffic. Opera has been a strong proponent in moving the advertising industry towards HTML5-based ads and away from ad units that require proprietary code.


For more information, visit the Opera at MWC located at Hall 1 at Booth C44. To schedule an interview or demo of Opera’s latest offerings, contact PÃ¥l Unanue-Zahl on PÃ¥l Unanue-Zahl.