Altech gets its Opera on

Opera Devices SDK will bring more smart web solutions to Altech Multimedia ecosystem

Oslo, Norway – September 4, 2012

Opera Software and Altech Multimedia, a leading provider of multimedia products and services, announced today an agreement to expand their cooperation on web technology for the TV industry. In addition to the Altech devices, powered by Opera’s Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV technology, currently shipped already into central Europe, Altech Multimedia will also deploy further devices powered by Opera for TV into other markets, globally.

Altech SetOne, a subsidiary of Altech Multimedia in Germany, is currently offering Opera’s HbbTV solution on a number of its devices deployed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By expanding the agreement, Altech Devices, with Opera’s HbbTV technology and Opera Devices SDK with media streaming option on board, will also be available to other operators across the world.

The first device to benefit from this cooperation is the new high definition set-top box, the DSD 4123, currently under development for Digiturk, a satellite television provider in Turkey. Powered by Opera’s HbbTV solution, the HD set-top box will bring Digiturk viewers an advanced and interactive satellite TV experience, seamless browsing, video on demand and much more.

“Cooperation with Opera enables Altech Multimedia to advance into the connected TV world in a most modular way,” says Peter Balchin, CEO, Altech Multimedia. “We are looking forward to the launch of our new, interactive ready, set-top box powered by Opera. The agreement is tailored to boost the partnership and open doors to many new opportunities in the future. This is just the beginning.”

“Opera for HbbTV is the world’s leading hybrid TV technology, already shipped on millions of set-top boxes and TVs, combining a highly entertaining TV experience with the power of the web,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “By extending the cooperation with Altech Multimedia, we aim to bring Opera for TV solutions to even more living rooms, keeping HbbTV booming in Europe.”

About Altech Multimedia

Altech Multimedia is one of the world leading providers of products, professional services and competitive solutions to the digital multimedia Broadcast and Broadband Industries. Altech Multimedia solutions include a number of innovative world-first applications that are currently deployed in several digital television networks around the world and in addition to being device independent, Altech Multimedia offerings are available as either stand-alone or complimentary solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Through its operating companies Altech Multimedia has a global footprint with technical development and support centres in South Africa, India, China and Australia and sales support offices in South Africa, Australia, India, Europe and the Middle East. Altech Multimedia boasts a Blue-Chip client base and an award winning product portfolio as well as an enviable reputation amongst its partners and peers as one of the most technologically capable businesses in the industry. The Altech Multimedia group consists of a number of operating companies which include Altech UEC SA, Altech Multimedia International, Altech UEC Australia and Altech SetOne. Altech Multimedia is a division of Altech (Allied Technologies Limited), a Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed company.