Opera taps C-Movil for better reach in Latin America

Partnership gives brands and advertisers stronger ways to reach Mexico’s mobile-first generation

Mexico City, Mexico and Oslo, Norway – October 9, 2012

Millions of people throughout Latin America use the Opera Mini mobile browser to connect to the web. Today, C-Movil, the top mobile marketing firm in Latin America, and Opera Software announced a partnership to bring advertisers and brands to the popular web browsing platform. C-Movil is part of Cie Group, Mexico’s largest entertainment company.

Of all the countries in Latin America, Mexico has the most Opera Mini users. Usage grew more than 51% year-over-year in July. Reaching that user base is a priority for many advertisers and brands throughout Latin America. The partnership with C-Movil will unlock those possibilities.


“Opera Mini is the most popular mobile browser in Mexico,” said Carlos Pereyra, CEO, C-Movil. “Working directly with Opera uniquely positions C-Movil to help our partners get smarter about mobile. Together, we’re bringing new ways of reaching millions of Latin American consumers wherever they are.”


Mobile survey results highlight mobile-first generation


In order to provide better information to potential partners, Opera surveyed more than 8,000 Opera Mini users in Mexico to better understand just who uses Opera Mini. Opera Mini users are mostly 13-24 (71%) and male (68%). Due to the young age of Opera Mini users, most survey respondents were students (53%).


They use their mobile phones to browse the web often. Sixty-four percent use it every day. Forty percent don’t own a computer, making their mobile phone their primary means to access the web. Social networks and video sites are the most popular content choices. Sixty-two percent of Opera Mini users visit social networks, with Facebook being the most visited. Forty-eight percent view videos through Opera Mini. Thirty-three percent searched the web and 23% read their emails.


Opera Mini users are comfortable seeing ads on their mobile device. Forty-four percent want to see ads for content such as ringtones, wallpapers and apps on their phones. Entertainment ads are acceptable according to 23% of respondents. Twenty-one percent thought ads for technology products were acceptable, 16% were comfortable seeing health and beauty ads and 11% thought ads for cars and other automotive products were fine to see during a browsing session.


These consumers also act on ads, offers and promotions. Twenty percent have already used their mobile device to purchase products and services from companies in a variety of industries, including travel and hospitality, entertainment, health and technology.


“The youth of Mexico are a mobile-first generation,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera. “They use their phone the way kids in my generation used computers. They’re smart, savvy and completely comfortable with the evolving mobile landscape. This is why C-Movil is such an important partner for us. They bring a deep knowledge of the mobile space and know how to reach Opera Mini users in the most effective ways.”