Opera and TIM Brazil set up shop

Oslo, Norway and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – November 26, 2012

Opera Software today announced a partnership with TIM, Brazil’s second-largest mobile operator, to launch the TIM App Shop, which brings a vast collection of mobile applications for Brazilians to shop virtually ‘til they drop.

The TIM App Shop, powered by the Opera Mobile Store, is now pre-loaded on all mobile devices sold by TIM and accessible to close to 70 million subscribers of TIM throughout Brazil. For TIM subscribers, many of whom are accessing the internet primarily through their mobile devices, the TIM App Store is a useful resource for all kinds of applications.

The TIM App Shop offers more than 55,000 apps, both free and paid, on most devices and platforms, including Android, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS. The store provides a wide variety of apps ranging from social media, news, weather, games and sports in both Portuguese and English. Opera has collaborated closely with TIM to create a storefront experience for TIM App Shop that meets the needs and expectations of its users.

“Innovation is in the DNA of TIM and the relaunch of our app store, with more features and a greater variety of content, reaffirms our commitment to providing services and products that bring a unique user experience to consumers. Our goal with the new TIM App Shop, powered by Opera Software, is to increase access to different applications and further enhance the use of mobile devices by our customers,” said Fabio Cristilli responsible for the Internet segment, Handsets and VAS in TIM Brazil.

Opera and TIM have been working together to bring the web and apps to the Brazilian population. From an earlier partnership announced in 2010, TIM has offered the Opera Mini browser, co-branded as “Navegador TIM”, as a cheaper and faster way to browse the mobile web, no matter the device or platform.

“Over the past few months, Opera has put a lot of effort into perfecting its mobile app store,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “This marks the first time we’re partnering with a Latin America carrier for app distribution, and we are excited to work with TIM once again to bring the wide portfolio of apps for Brazilians to go on a shopping spree.”

Opera provides the platform for the TIM App Shop, storefront merchandising and commerce capabilities, as well as the ability to pay for apps though carrier billing to facilitate a smooth experience for the user.

About TIM

TIM is the fastest growing operator in Brazil. It currently has 69.4 million customers and a market share of 26.81%, consolidating its position in second place and market leadership in the prepaid segment. This performance is the result of innovative services, which led the brand to become the preferred mobile phone company for the middle class, according to Popular Dat, a Brazilian research institute.

Another focus of the TIM is the quality of their network and services. In the period that runs until 2014, the company will apply about 80% of the $9 billion earmarked for infrastructure investment in Brazil. Among negotiations for network expansion include the purchase of Intelig in 2009 and AES Atimus in 2011, which led to the TIM Fiber, with 5,500 km of optical fiber in Rio and São Paulo. In addition, the company will install a fiber optic network in Amazonas, Pará and Amapá, Amazonas by LT, allowing the digital inclusion of remote areas of the country.

TIM is also the only company in the telecom sector to have the Novo Mercado of BM & FBOVESPA, the Brazilian stock exchange, which recognizes TIM as having the highest level of corporate governance. It is also part of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) and the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2), from BM & FBOVESPA. For more information, visit www.tim.com.br or twitter.com/timtimportimtim.