Umniah Jordan gets set for faster, tailored and unlimited browsing with Opera Software

Oslo, Norway and Amman, Jordan – November 26, 2012

Opera Software and Umniah, Jordan’s fastest growing telecom operator, are partnering to deliver to Umniah customers unlimited browsing and an enhanced mobile web experience, with the launch of a co-branded version of the Opera Mini mobile web browser.

Umniah’s two million customers can now download a special version of Opera Mini tailored to their needs, featuring Speed Dial website shortcuts for one-click access to Umniah’s WAP and 3G entertainment portals. Customers can also connect to their favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter in a snap from the Speed Dial start page.

The Opera mobile browsers have more than 207 million monthly users across the globe, and are available for over 3000 different phone models. Opera Mini compresses webpages to as little as 10% of their original size, without altering their look or functionality, with less data to load on the phone and faster browsing. Opera Mini also shares many handy features with Opera’s browser for computers.

Umniah customers are also offered unlimited browsing with either a weekly or a monthly subscription fee when using Opera Mini. This is a value-added service ensuring customized browsing and web in a flash for all subscribers.

“Umniah has always been proud of its strategy to provide customers with the best solutions and the best value,” said Omar Al Omoush, the Director of Marketing at Umniah. “Customers” mobile web needs have been evolving quickly, which lead us to provide them with a fast and enjoyable experience with Opera Mini.”

“Opera Mini is the world’s browser of choice, and we are excited to bring it to Umniah’s subscribers for an improved online experience,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Opera firmly believes that internet access is a human right, and we are committed to bringing the web to more people, and more people to the web.”

The special Opera Mini browser for Umniah customers can be downloaded from or by dialing #366*.