Opera and Binbit bring mobile-payment freedom to Opera Mini

Opera Software and Binbit today announced an agreement that will enable users of the Opera Mini mobile browser to use and pay for Binbit’s mobile entertainment services easily, resulting in a far superior mobile-payment experience. As part of the agreement with Opera Commerce, a fully-owned subsidiary of Opera Software, Binbit’s products and services will be integrated into the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX).

OPX’s goal is to make mobile payments a secure and easy experience for the more than 208 million Opera Mini users worldwide. Thanks to OPX’s integration with Binbit, Opera Mini users will be able to buy digital goods and services easily and securely on their mobile devices, through direct carrier billing in the more than 36 countries worldwide where Binbit offers its mobile entertainment services.

Opera Mini is one of the world’s leading mobile browsers, with users on all mobile platforms. Opera’s browsers are also available for computers, tablets, TVs and other connected devices, including Opera Mobile, the browser for smartphones. Opera has more than 300 million users throughout the world.

Binbit is a global company that specializes in delivering mobile entertainment services to mobile operators, media groups and end users. Binbit provides mobile content including music, video clips, games, wallpapers and screen savers to countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

“Binbit is always seeking new, quality services and content, and the results of adding valuable business partners have translated into the constant and sustained growth of the company in the last few years,” says Antoni Muntaner, Chairman of Binbit. “Being able to offer this convenience to our users on one of the world’s most popular mobile browsers will take us even further down the road in achieving our goals.”

“Opera’s end goal is to make the user experience a secure and enhanced one, and with Binbit, we are able to offer users high-quality services worldwide along with the convenience of carrier billing,” adds Sameer Merchant, President, Opera Commerce.

About Binbit

Founded in 2005, Binbit is a group that has experienced a strong growth thanks to the creation of valuable business partnerships in the long-term with top quality providers. Binbit has agreements with 64 carriers, leaders in mobile, which together have more than 750 million users to whom Binbit can offer its services. The strong innovation impulse and seek for novelty content have taken the company to obtain key business partners contributing to its success, having more than 80 content providers including the major record labels and companies like Opera Software.www.binbit.com

About Opera Commerce

Opera Commerce LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of its ultimate parent Opera Software ASA, is a leading provider of mobile commerce services globally that facilitates frictionless commerce between Opera users and the service providers that they wish to transact with. Through the use of the platform and services provided by Opera Commerce, partners are now able to facilitate payment transactions resulting in a substantial overall improvement in commerce success rates.