A closer look at Opera Web Pass in action

Not long ago, Opera Software introduced Opera Web Pass, an easy and accessible way of getting online for those mobile subscribers without existing data plans. Using the Opera Mini web browser, Opera Web Pass lets the user purchase packages of mobile online access, such as an hour of Facebook or a day of surfing the web, right from the browser.

In this month’s State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software takes a closer look at the first implementation of Opera Web Pass. DiGi Telecommunications in Malaysia (“DiGi”) has deployed the solution and is already seeing interesting figures from the usage of Opera Web Pass. Here are some highlights from the State of the Mobile Web report:

  • Up to 52% of all Opera Web Passes sold in a given month were bought by returning customers.
  • The process for buying an Opera Web Pass is uncomplicated; for those customers with sufficient funds in their subscriptions, more than 77% fully completed the checkout when purchasing a web pass.
  • DiGi has created several packages, tailored to the customers’ needs. One example is 0.15 USD for an hour of Facebook access, or 0.65 USD for a full 24 hours internet access to the web.

Read more about the Opera Web Pass deployment by DiGi in this State of the Mobile Web report.

Growth of Opera mobile browsers

More and more people are using smartphones to get online. In January 2013, more than 32% of all users of the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile web browsers were using smartphones to access the web. In all, more than 237 million people used Opera Mini or Opera Mobile in January, a growth of more than 29% as compared to January 2012.

Opera Mini users viewed over 157 billion pages in January 2013. Since January 2012, page views have increased by more than 44%.

To read the full report, and to look closer at the user number trends, go to www.opera.com/smw/.