A quick look at the early adopters

As soon as products land on the market, early adopters flock in to checkout the latest and greatest offerings. Recently, Opera Software launched a beta version of its brand-new Opera for Android browser, and, true to form, the early adopters have been out in force.

Now that the beta has been available in the Google Play store for a couple of weeks, we wanted to study these early adopters of the Opera Android beta, to check out the hardware they’re using for everyday web browsing.

What we found was that our early adopters seem to be power-users of mobile phones as well, with high-end Android devices taking up the top spots in the list of devices used to download the Opera for Android beta. The top five on the list reads as follows:

1. Samsung Galaxy S2
2. Samsung Galaxy S3
3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
4. Asus Nexus 7
5. Samsung Galaxy Y

To see the full top-ten list, go to opera.com/smw/
To check out the Opera for Android beta browser, visit Google Play from your Android device and download the browser for free.


In February 2013, the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile user base consisted of more than 228 million unique users. Due to February being a shorter month than others, the number of users went down from January 2013 to February. The Opera Mini users viewed over 147 billion pages and generated over 2.7 billion MB of data for operators worldwide in February 2013.