Seven must-do tips for mobile web devs

In a web world rapidly turning mobile, it’s even more important to make sure websites are prepared for the influx of mobile devices. In this State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software takes a look at what makes or breaks a good mobile website. With more than 249 million users of Opera’s mobile browser products in March, the people at Opera Software know a thing or two about mobile browsing.

The lead web designer at Opera Software, Matt Cox, shares some of his insights, gained from years of experience, on how to make a website mobile-ready through seven tips and tricks for understanding the needs of mobile website users. Do you know what it takes to make a website responsive? Or, do you prefer to remake the whole website from a mobile user’s perspective? 

– Think fresh. There is much more to think about than just the smaller screen size of the devices, as Cox explains. “Don’t feel restricted in your possibilities. Some projects will require something new, different and unseen on a mobile device,” says Cox in one of the tips to help web developers and managers navigate the CSS3 sea and myriad of different devices. 

Before starting out on the monumental task of making any website not only accessible, but a pleasure to use for mobile users as well as desktop users, be sure to check out Cox’s tips in the State of the Mobile Web report. 

To read the full report, and to check out Cox’ tips for making a better mobile website for all internet users, go to

In March, more than 249 million mobile web surfers used mobile products from Opera Software. 218 million users of Opera Mini mobile web browser alone viewed over 171 billion webpages, using the built-in compression technology in the Opera Mini browser.

The share of smartphones in Opera’s mobile browser portfolio of applications now stands at 33%, with most of the mobile phones being Android devices running the Opera Mini.

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