Opera keeps on bringing first-class browsing to basic phones

With the Opera Mini browser, millions of users get online all over the world, even if their mobile phones aren’t the top of the crop. Now, with the Opera Mini 4.5 browser for low-price mobile phones, a first-class surfing experience is even closer with a long list of new features such as:

  • Download manager: With the download manager, you get better control of downloading new content to your mobile phone. Pause, resume and manage the download process, just as you would on more expensive phones or smartphones.
  • Privacy mode: Need to lend out your phone to a Facebook-checking friend? Turn on Privacy mode first, that way, Opera Mini won’t save any Facebook logins or data from your friend’s browsing. Once your friend is done borrowing your phone, all his personal data is gone, once the private tab is closed.
  • New, fresh look: The look and feel of Opera Mini 4.5 has been updated and refreshed. It’s now lighter and even more user friendly, with touch enhancements for supported phones.

“Getting online is a must in the modern world, and the kind of equipment you choose to use should not stand in the way of having a first-class browsing experience,” says Christian Uribe, Product Manager for Opera Mini for Opera Software. “That’s why we introduced some of the best-loved features from the advanced series of Opera browsers for basic phones. Having an excellent download manager is just as important for the students downloading class work to their phones as it is for business people with more advanced phones.”

All this, and it saves you on your mobile phone bill, as well. Opera Mini is a cost-saving browser, bringing you peace of mind when it comes to data costs. By squeezing data together using compression technology, viewing a webpage may cost as little as 10% of what it costs using other browsers — perfect for mobile phone subscribers who pay per megabyte downloaded.

Even the most basic phones on the market will be able to run the Opera Mini 4.5 browser and get on the ‘net. All you need is a mobile phone capable of running a Java game or a BlackBerry phone that runs Java. If your Java phone is more capable, you’ll be given the option to download Opera Mini 7.5, which is a more advanced version, better suited to phones with more capable hardware. No worries, our website will provide you with the best version for your phone.

Using the pre-existing browser on your phone, visit the website m.opera.com, and you’ll be automatically pointed to the version that best suits your mobile phone. It’s as easy as that. Opera Mini 4.5, as well as the rest of the Opera browser suite, is free to download.