6 ways to add more inspiration in your day

Maybe the mornings are uninspired and the coffee isn’t triggering the brainwaves. Perhaps the music on the radio got a little stale and the news is depressing…

Maybe you’re a designer, a hipster, a teacher, a mom or an engineer just looking for a fresh start and ideas to do your job better. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to add inspiration to your life either online or offline.

Norwegian browser company Opera Software, whose mobile and desktop browsers are made to discover and explore inspiration online, provides several ideas and tips to add inspiration to your life. 

Car Sunset Image

1.    Visualize:

Find inspirational images (a skydiver in coastal Spain, a quaint town in Italy, a rice farmer in Vietnam) on the web and create a cool, inspirational image gallery on your blog. A simple search for “inspiration” on image-sharing sites such as Flickr or Instagram should do the trick.

2.    Watch:

Need a more visual inspiration for your many pursuits? Pull up YouTube and watch amazing videos (such as Steve Job’s famous Stanford commencement speech, or one of the TED talks) to start your day off with wise words! Who knows you might be on to the next big thing.

3.    Listen:

Nothing gets the brain cells going than listening to some soothing, inspirational music. Search for an “inspiration” playlist on Spotify – whether its soothing or upbeat music that gets you motivated. Or even better, download karaoke apps like Smule Sing! and sing with people around the world for even more fun. Our suggestion: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.  

4.    Think:

Make a list of all the goals you have accomplished in the past year and what you’d like to achieve in the coming year. Put both lists as your screen saver or on your fridge door so you are constantly reminded of them.

5. Discover:

Go to your favorite Opera web browser, whether it’s on your smartphone or laptop, and browse the Discover section for interesting and inspirational stories. Select the “arts” or “food” category through the settings button and discover tantalizing content that will be a feast for both your eyes and your hunger.

6. Get out:

The best inspiration you can find is in nature. Find an amazing outdoors spot. Discover nature and appreciate the beauty. Document the sunsets and hikes through photos and share them on social networks.

“Inspiration is everything,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “I start every day finding inspirational thoughts, stories, ideas, images on the web with my Opera browser, whether it’s on my phone or my laptop. The web and the world are a treasure trove of inspirational ideas and you can start off right there.”

Download the Opera browser and discover all that the web has to offer!