Latin America smartens up to the mobile web

The adoption of smartphones is picking up in Latin America, shows this month’s State of the Mobile Web report from Opera Software. With more and more users picking up their phones to browse the internet, and start using their data plans, the trend is showing that their devices also are getting smarter.

Statistics gathered from the Opera Mini browsers show a clear trend in several Latin American countries that smartphones are becoming the new standard in the subcontinent.

The Opera Mini mobile web browser is available on both basic phones as well smartphones, and users in countries such as Puerto Rico and Chile are showing a clear switch to high-end phones with most of the top-ten list of popular devices used being smartphones.

Internationally minded

Latin America is a large subcontinent, and very internationally minded when it comes to what websites users choose to visit. International social media sites are the most popular sites across the board among Opera Mini users, with fewer local sites than most other countries, such as countries in Africa.

To see what sites Latin American mobile internet users prefer, check out the interactive map in the State of the Mobile Web report here.

Growth of Opera Mini

In March 2014, there were over 273 million users of Opera mobile browsers, a growth in users of 10% from March 2013. The mobile browsers from Opera Software are represented on a wide range of devices from basic phones running Opera Mini to advanced smartphones with the innovative Opera Coast browser.

The users of Opera Mini viewed more than 178 billion pages in March 2014, an increase of 4% from the same period last year.

To read more about the latest mobile internet trends, please visit the State of the Mobile Web report here.