Opera Mediaworks and Celtra partner to unveil Selfie and Gyro ad units

Lufthansa among first to use the Selfie ad unit in personalized travel campaign

Advertisers can now integrate high-quality selfies into their mobile ad campaigns and showcase products in 3D panoramic mode, enabled through a partnership between leading mobile advertising platform Opera Mediaworks and Celtra, creative, analytics and optimization platform for display advertising.

The partnership, announced today, brings together Celtra’s expertise in empowering advertisers to deliver meaningful, highly-captivating brand messages to their audiences in the most effective and measurable manner and Opera Mediaworks’ vast global ad platform, which serves 64 billion impressions a month to more than 800 million consumers.

With these new Selfie and Gyro ad formats advertisers can create highly-personalized, engaging campaigns and serve them to a precisely-targeted audience.

“The Selfie and Gyro units are just two examples of deeply engaging and immersive ad types that we are bringing to market with Celtra,” says Scott Swanson, President of Global Advertising Sales, Opera Mediaworks. “Our Innovation Lab team will work closely with Celtra on new display ad formats to make this technology available to brand advertisers.”

Lufthansa runs Selfie campaign

As part of their fall travel campaign, Lufthansa continues to focus on “Nonstop you”, the personal experience and journey of each customer. 

“Our campaign tells the story of a couple traveling together and capturing a special moment via a selfie. Our long-time media agency, Mindshare, presented us with this new and innovative technology premiered by Opera Mediaworks and Celtra which is a perfect fit for this campaign. 

It enables viewers to literally picture themselves at various travel destinations using their smartphone and gives them the chance to capture and share this preview with their social networks, hence extending our campaign into their personal dream vacation. The ad aspires to also become an inspiration,” says Florian Gmeiner, Lufthansa’s Head of Marketing, The Americas.

The Selfie ad unit has multiple other features, including, layered drawings, photo filters and picture-in-picture that brand advertisers can utilize in their campaigns to their advantage.

Lufthansa’s Selfie campaign

“As brands are increasingly looking to engage their audiences with highly personalized and meaningful ad experiences, we continue to partner with Opera to bring to market innovative ad features that excite users and allow brands to effectively communicate their promise. Selfie is the latest in series of features that puts consumers at the center of the ad experience and facilitates brand advocacy through social sharing,” says Matevz Klanjsek, CPO and co-founder of Celtra.

A live demo unit of the Lufthansa Selfie campaign is available here

Showcasing products with Gyro

The other ad unit launching today is Gyro, a new and interactive ad unit that allows advertisers to showcase a product with a 3D panoramic feel, allowing consumers to truly immerse themselves into the interior of a car, a hotel room or the seating in a theatre, to name just a few. 

Gyro can be viewed in a variety of ad units including banners, expandables or full-screen, and uses the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer on the mobile device to detect the movement and simulate movement of the viewer’s body. The final ads are optimized for different smartphone and tablet platforms, which allow the user to ‘navigate’ through the ad and get a 360-degree view, in a fluid and fully immersive experience.

About Opera Mediaworks

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About Celtra Inc.

Celtra Inc., empowers agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders alike with an integrated, truly scalable cross-screen HTML5 technology for brand advertising on smartphones, tablets and desktop. AdCreator 4 is built to run large-scale and complex campaigns. It is a single platform for streamlined ad creation, performance optimized serving and consolidated reporting with common metrics across all screens. For more information, visit Celtra at www.celtra.com or @CeltraMobile on Twitter.

Celtra is headquartered in Boston (MA), with offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London (UK), Tokyo (JP) and Ljubljana (SI).