3 million hours of free internet offered by Berniaga.com

Sponsored Web Pass from Opera brings more Indonesians to mobile internet

3 million hours of free internett

Mobile internet users will be able to enjoy three million hours of free mobile internet access over the next two months, with Opera Web Pass service, sponsored by Berniaga.com.

Berniaga.com, Indonesia’s top online-classifieds site as verified by comScore, is sponsoring three hours of free internet per day, and available only for Telkomsel customers. Through this partnership, Berniaga.com and Opera Software hope to introduce new consumers to the mobile internet in Indonesia.

The subscribers can enjoy browsing the mobile internet, such as checking the latest updates on their favorite news portals or searching movie schedules for the nearest cinema, all for free.

How to get free internet with Sponsored Web Pass and Opera Mini

To browse the web and enjoy free internet with Sponsored Web Pass, users just need to open the Opera Mini browser, click the “Paket Internet Webpass” Speed Dial icon and select the “Free Internet by Berniaga (3 hours)” web-pass option. Users will be able to browse the web and enjoy three hours of sponsored internet access for one day

Sponsored Web Pass will attract new mobile internet customers

“Indonesia is the fastest-growing C2C marketplace and classifieds market in Southeast Asia, and this growth is propelled by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices,” says Reynazran Royono, Deputy General Manager of Berniaga.com. “With Sponsored Web Pass, we believe we can reach new consumers by making it easy and convenient for them to access the mobile internet.”

“Internet penetration in Indonesia has seen tremendous growth in recent years. We are very excited to collaborate with the market leaders in Indonesia and reach more Indonesian users,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software. “We are confident Opera Web Pass will encourage people to go online more often.”

Easy-to-understand mobile internet

Opera Web Pass is available via Opera Mini, the fast and easy-to-use browser app that shrinks webpages by as much as 90%.

Opera Web Pass bundles mobile internet in easy-to-understand, affordable packages that are time or content based. Purchased within the Opera Mini browser, Opera Web Pass is an alternative to complex data plans based on megabyte usage.

For more information on the Opera Web Pass solution for operators, visit: http://www.operasoftware.com/products/web-pass/

About Berniaga.com

Berniaga.com – founded in December 2nd, 2009 – endeavors to be the number one place in Indonesia for buying and selling quality second hand items and services. The website helps people to find what they are looking for in a safe environment to shop through multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, and app). It offers a cutting-edge technology platform with social media integration and provides optimum browsing experience for Indonesian users. The site has grown phenomenally since launch and is fast becoming the most popular place to buy and sell across Indonesia; it is currently the number 1 Classifieds site in Indonesia, based on July 2014 comScore unique visitors data.