Opera’s Skyfire unit partners with Huawei to deliver video optimization for Cloud Edge vMSE platform

Mobile video optimization simplifies first steps to NFV implementation

Opera Software’s Skyfire unit today announced a strategic partnership with Huawei in which Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer platform will be made available to mobile operators in Huawei’s Cloud Edge Virtual Multi-Service Engine (vMSE).

Skyfire Huawei partnership

Rocket Optimizer, Opera and Skyfire’s mobile video optimization and experience assurance solution, is the first such solution to become part of Huawei’s vMSE platform and is a natural first step for operators looking to enter the network functions virtualization (NFV) landscape. Engineered from its inception to be a cloud-based application, Rocket Optimizer addresses the mobile video explosion on operator networks through highly targeted surgical optimization down to a per-user, per-stream level, and provides a 60% boost in bandwidth capacity, while preserving the best visual quality for end users.

Announced in February, Cloud Edge is one component of Huawei’s broader SoftCOM initiative aiming to deliver carrier-grade advances in cloud, software-defined networking (SDN) and NFV into the global telecommunications market. Through a step-by-step approach, it provides a blueprint for mobile network operators to embrace the move to NFV architectures in a cost-effective way, as new NFV technologies become commercially available. Huawei has built the vMSE platform for specific network applications and is building an ecosystem of best-of-breed application providers for a “Network Application Store” concept, where network operators can pick and choose the individual virtualized solutions that make the most sense for them. 

Over-the-top video and audio optimization represents a significant application of NFV. Demand for streaming content has grown exponentially in recent years, although its impact on networks can occur unpredictably in various locations at various times throughout the day. Mobile operators need the ability to bring up and take down resources for multiple locations throughout the day, which can be expensive if done inline at locations near the network edge. By virtualizing these network functions through Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer, operators can expand capacity instantly to deliver a positive and cost-effective quality of experience for their subscribers.

“Both Huawei and Skyfire are established, cutting-edge leaders in NFV – Huawei with over 20 NFV proof-of-concept projects, and Skyfire, who pioneered cloud-based solutions well ahead of any industry competitors,” says Nitin Bhandari, CEO of Skyfire and SVP of Operator Products at Opera. “We look forward to collaborating with Huawei to help mobile operators embrace NFV in a simple way that also delivers the greatest return on investment.”

Skyfire recently announced enhancements to the platform including Rocket Insights, a real-time video monitoring analytics dashboard in which operators can observe the impact that OTT video is having on their networks and make real-time adjustments to improve each customer’s experience. Additional enhancements enable optimization of most popular streaming audio applications in addition to video, further providing mobile operators with NFV-based tools to deliver a positive quality of experience (QoE) to their subscribers.

“Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer solution is a great fit for our Cloud Edge platform, as it accounts for the two largest growing segments of mobile data consumption: audio and video,” says Jason Dai, President of Huawei CloudEdge. “While the transition to NFV for mobile operators can be fraught with challenges and obstacles in the absence of a step-by-step guided approach, Huawei’s Cloud Edge vMSE platform has emerged as the go-to solution for facilitating a deliberate, phased embrace of virtualized systems.”

Solution presentation

Skyfire CEO and Opera SVP of Operator Products, Nitin Bhandari, will also present the solution with Huawei live on stage during day two of the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2014, to be held November 18-21 in Shanghai.

For more information on Opera and Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer solution for the Huawei Cloud Edge platform, visit http://www.skyfire.com.

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