EVERCOSS smartphone users enjoy greater data saving with Opera Max

Easy-to-use Android data-saving app comes to Indonesia

Users of EVERCOSS Android phones in Indonesia will get exclusive access to Opera Max, Opera Software’s market-leading video-and data-compression app, which will help them save and manage data across most applications on phones and tablets.

With Opera Max, EVERCOSS users will have access to a best-value mobile browsing experience, extending the life of their mobile internet plans by up to 50%.

First smartphone brand to introduce data-savings app in Indonesia

Opera Max will be preinstalled on upcoming Android phones, Elevate Y3, through a partnership between EVERCOSS, Indonesia’s top handset manufacturer, and Opera Software. The next generation of the Elevate series will be equipped with the Octacore processor and 2 GB RAM. EVERCOSS is the first smartphone brand in Indonesia to preinstall Opera Max on its devices.

“Through this partnership, EVERCOSS will bring a seamless internet experience to our users,” says Janto Djojo, CMO, Evercoss. “Opera Max goes beyond compression of text and images-it also compresses video. Users who face tight data budgets or low bandwidth will benefit from this application, as it can reduce their data consumption by up to 50% with regular internet usage.”

“We are excited, because the partnership with EVERCOSS allows us to empower more users to take their mobile data usage to the next level, with Opera Max, says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software. “Once you have it installed on your phone, you don’t need to do anything; it does all the work for you. Just click the ‘M’ icon, and it will run in the background, quietly optimizing your data.”

Managing the data consumption across all your apps

Opera Max comes with a dashboard that shows users how much data is consumed by each and every application on a daily and monthly basis. Users can block data usage of apps they don’t use often, but which run in the background continuing mobile data. Users can also prevent high data-consuming apps from using mobile internet, restricting them to Wi-Fi only.

About PT Aries Indo Global

PT. Aries Indo Global is the holder of the brand named EVERCOSS. In the last two years, PT Aries Indo Global has dominated the national mobile phone market and become the host of its own country. Various achievements and awards have been obtained from many agencies, both from the media/journalists and research institutions. With the spirit of Go International, PT Aries Indo Global‘s commitment is to show that Indonesia is willing and able to compete in the International market.