Opera Mediaworks UK Mobile Audience Insight report reveals what your smartphone says about you

Brands can now reach specific target groups based on users’ handsets and their app and mobile web browsing habits, according to a new report out today. The first part of the UK Mobile Audience Insight report by Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, is designed to guide brands’ mobile advertising strategies.

The report outlines how user profile groups can be based on users’ handsets, as well as their app and mobile web-browsing habits. The findings should lead to better targeting and, therefore, increased engagement across all mobile ad formats.

The report has been compiled based on research into 46,000 smartphone users, broken out into personality types based on their app usage and then mapped onto their choice of handset. The research shows that brands can now reach specific profile based groups based on their handset choices.

Key research findings include the following:

  • Samsung and Apple owners are “Savvy Shoppers”: They download finance and retail apps most, opting to use their phones to shop around for a bargain and buy using their apps. Due to the high-quality screens of these smartphones, Samsung and Apple users are more engaged with video ads and are also encouraged to click through to promotions and discount offers.
  • HTC owners are the “Cultured Club”: They download music and social apps and enjoy listening to music on their mobile phones and keeping in touch with friends. People with a HTC mobile are more likely than any other mobile-phone owner to dwell longer on video ads.
  • LG owners are “Social Superstars”: They download photo and social-media apps and enjoy taking pictures and communicating on Facebook and Twitter. LG users prefer shorter-form video content.
  • Motorola owners are “Techie Travellers”: They download travel apps and often use maps such as Google Maps and Navfree GPS. Motorola owners have a higher interaction rate with all kinds of mobile ad formats, but only when the ad is based on their specific interest: travel.

Mark Slade, Managing Director for EMEA at Opera Mediaworks, says, “Targeting has quickly become the core focus for mobile advertisers. Placement, scale and innovative formats remain important factors, but reaching a brand’s exact audience with advanced targeting is what really sets the most successful mobile campaigns apart.

“This research is evidence that brands need more granular information about who they are reaching in order to serve relevant ad campaigns to consumers. The more information you possess about your end users, the better the engagement rates will be.”

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