Best mobile web experience for Fly users with Opera for Android and Opera Max

Fly smartphones now come preinstalled with the Opera for Android web browser, according to a partnership agreement between Opera Software and mobile-phone manufacturer Fly.

In addition, users of Fly’s Android devices are now able to make their mobile-data plans last up to 50% longer with the data-savings app Opera Max, which also comes preinstalled.

The Fly smartphones with Opera for Android and Opera Max are available in Russia, CIS, Turkey and UAE.

“The agreement with Fly is very important to us. Our aim is to build partnerships with large manufacturers of mobile devices to bring the best internet experience to our users,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO at Opera Software.


Opera for Android and Opera Max come preinstalled on Fly smartphones

Reliable and affordable mobile internet

“Fly smartphones are widely recognized as top-quality devices at a reasonable price. This is the reason they are among the best-selling Android-based smartphones in Russia,” says Rajiv Thakur, Sales and Marketing Director at Fly.

“It is our priority to keep offering our users highly-functional devices at an attractive price. By preinstalling the Opera browser and Opera Max on our smartphones, we can give our customers high-quality, reliable and, just as important, affordable mobile internet.”

Fast and easy browsing with Opera for Android

When on a sluggish connection or in a costly roaming area, users can enable the Off-Road feature, which activates the data compression in Opera for Android, reducing the amount of consumed data.

The Opera for Android browser also helps users quickly discover new content on the go. With the Discover feature, they can find the latest news from a pre-selected location or category, while the Speed Dial feature lets them group and rename shortcuts to websites, as well as organizing them into folders.

Saving data with Opera Max

Fly users are able to extend the life of their data plans by up to 50% with Opera Max. This data-savings app uses unique video compression technology, which shrinks video, photos and text across most apps on a smartphone.

With Opera Max, Android users can watch more video and use more data, without any additional cost. The app also enables videos to start faster with less time buffering.

Get Opera for Android and Opera Max

Opera for Android is available as a free download from Google Play or from for any mobile phone running Android 4.0 or above.

Opera Max is available as a free download from Google Play for smartphones running Android 4.0 or above.

To learn more about Opera for Android and Opera Max for OEMs, please go to