Free internet for basic phone users

Telenor, Mobilink, Microsoft and Opera come together to bring more Pakistanis online

Telenor and Mobilink customers in Pakistan will be able to enjoy a day of free internet with the popular Opera Mini browser. The free internet access, sponsored by Microsoft Lumia, is available exclusively to basic Java phone users and is aimed at encouraging more Pakistanis to go online and experience the power of the internet.

How to access the free internet option

To take advantage of the free internet offer, Telenor and Mobilink customers just need to open the Opera Mini browser on their phones and click the Free Internet icon. This will open a page from which users can activate 10MB of free internet access that can be used over a period of 12 hours. Mobile users who do not have the Opera Mini browser installed on their phones can visit to download the free app.

Lowering barriers for internet adoption

A large number of Pakistanis can access the web only via their mobile phones.  At the same time, many are hesitant to use mobile internet because of the perceived high cost of data. The possibility  to access the internet for free, for a limited time, is a good incentive for users to experience the web for the first time.

“Active mobile users in Pakistan are young and they feel the need to always stay connected with friends. The partnership with Opera Mini and Microsoft Lumia will attract youngsters to use mobile internet and usher in a new wave of mobile-data growth in the country, This is another step towards our efforts to build an ecosystem to further facilitate internet uptake in the country and yet another testament of our ambition to bring Internet For All.” says Omer Bin Tariq, Director Internet & Devices, Telenor Pakistan.

“We want to simplify browsing for first-time mobile-web users. It is great to see sponsors such as Microsoft Lumia come forward and work together toward this goal,” says Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data, Mobilink. “We are open to working with more partners who would like to leverage the Opera Mini platform and reach out to mobile users in the country.”

“Access to the web should not be limited to the privileged few.  Partnering with market leaders such as Mobilink, Telenor and Microsoft Lumia has offered us the opportunity to help lower the barriers to accessing the mobile web and empower more Pakistani users to get online,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera Mini’s compression technology

Users can surf the web using the Opera Mini app on almost any kind of phones, from basic Java phones to the latest Android and iOS smartphones. Opera Mini’s unique compression technology shrinks webpages to as little as 10% of their original size. This powerful compression means that Opera Mini users can browse much more within a set data limit, compared to those using other mobile browsers.

About Telenor Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan is a provider of high quality telecommunication services in Pakistan since 2005. It has over 36 million subscribers, over 2800 employees and a nationwide network covering more than 8,000 sites. It holds a majority share in Tameer Micro Finance Bank Limited. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and adds on to operations in Asia. For more information, visit

About Mobilink

Mobilink is Pakistan’s leading provider of voice and data services. With over 38 million subscribers, Mobilink maintains market leadership with coverage in over 20,000 cities, towns and villages across Pakistan. With an investment of USD 4.3 billion in Pakistan, Mobilink continues to innovate through cutting-edge, state of the art technology, a portfolio of Mobile Financial Services, strongest brands, the largest portfolio of value added services, the largest bio-metric SIM verification footprint as well as the country’s largest network with over 9,000 cell sites. The company also has the largest distribution and call center network that enables it to offer wider accessibility and quality customer services across Pakistan. For more information, visit