Opera Mediaworks makes in-app video viewability crystal clear

Instant-Play™ HD Mobile in-app video inventory now integrated for viewable measurement by Moat

Instant-Play HD Mobile in-app video inventory now integrated for viewable measurement by Moat

Opera Mediaworks, the first mobile ad platform built for brands, announced today that its Instant-Play ™ HD mobile in-app video ad SDK has been integrated with Moat Analytics, providing advertisers with the ability to transact on viewable in-app video impressions.

As one of the industry’s most trusted ad analytics and verification partners, Moat’s integration means that advertisers in search of in-app viewable impressions will now be able to purchase Instant-Play ™ HD mobile in-app video inventory with an even greater degree of confidence.This is the lead offering in a phased approach by Opera Mediaworks, to deliver transactable, viewable impressions to brand and agency partners.

Opera Mediaworks has always believed in delivering 100% viewable video to brands and agencies through compelling, mobile-first storytelling. Our Instant-Play ™ HD mobile in-app video offering delivers full-screen video in environments where consumers are receptive which leads to industry-leading 90% completion rates. 

“We’ve always maintained that the inventory available through our mobile platform – from our rich media ad units to our performance-based units and our Instant-PlayHD mobile video – has been of the highest quality,” says Mike Owen, EVP of North America Sales at Opera Mediaworks. “Now, our partnership with Moat further validates this position and gives our brand and agency partners the third-party verification they’ve been looking for.” 

“As audiences spend more time on their mobile devices, attention analytics must also follow and provide a transparent view for brands across their entire media spend. Through this exciting partnership, Opera Mediaworks can now provide brands with in-app video viewability and attention metrics that are key to giving them more confidence in their mobile media dollars,” says Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and CEO of Moat.

Although viewability standards have been set for desktop inventory, an industry standard has not yet been finalized for mobile. That has not precluded the growing number of advertisers and premium publishers who want to buy and sell mobile in-app ads based on viewability. Opera Mediaworks is committed to working with industry leaders and ad verification partners to define the path forward, and is excited to be able to offer a product that validates mobile viewability in the interim.

“Marketers understandably want to know that their ads will actually be seen,” says Sarah Bachman VP of Mobile Strategy at Horizon Media. “We’re excited that Opera Mediaworks has taken steps to certify the viewability of its high-quality, Instant-Play™ HD-mobile video inventory.” 

For more information about viewability and our Moat Analytics partnership for viewable measurement Instant-Play™ HD mobile in-app video, please reach out to viewability@opera.com.