Samsung and Opera help Vietnamese users save mobile data on Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7

Opera and Samsung have worked together to bring the ultra data saving (UDS) feature to Vietnam on Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 smartphones. This feature provides up to 50% savings on data and also frees up to 11% RAM. Users of the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 can get more enjoyment online for video and music streaming.

Developed by Samsung’s R&D Institute and Opera, UDS mode reduces data consumption on images, webpages, videos and audio streams, especially with image-rich or video apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, NhacCuaTui, Zing and Instagram. This feature helps users to manage and save data on their smartphones and blocks background data consumption so that users can enjoy video and audio streaming through their mobile networks.

Statistics show that a 4G user consumes on average 4.3 GB per month, whereas a 3G customer uses 0.7 GB. More than half of this mobile data traffic is from video. The UDS feature addresses user concerns about increasing data usage in Vietnam. It gives users the control to allow or block individual apps from using mobile data, while optimizing data across all apps.

UDS mode is powered by Opera Max, an all-in-one data-management and data-saving app. It gives users an overview of how much mobile data they have consumed and saved. To turn on this feature, users can just click the UDS button in quick settings next to the S-bike mode.

“When users migrated from their basic phones to smartphones or from 3G to 4G, they found that their mobile data costs increased because they used more data than before. With UDS mode, which we developed together with Samsung, users can easily see where their data is going and optimize their smartphone data usage,” says Nitin Bhandari, SVP of Products at Opera.

By introducing UDS on the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 this year, Samsung has once again confirmed its leading position in bringing the most practical technologies to mobile devices. With Samsung smartphones, users can truly enjoy better-value services with ease.
The UDS mode is now also available in Brazil, Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia on selected Samsung devices.

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