Unlimited premium apps and games for Android users in Indonesia with Opera

Subscription model offers ad-free apps for Rp. 5,500 per week

XL and Hutchison 3 Indonesia (Tri) users in Indonesia can now download as many premium apps and games as they like with Opera Apps Club, an “all-you-can-eat” subscription service for Android apps. With this subscription, smartphone users will not have to worry about in-app purchases and advertisements.

As low as Rp. 5,500, per week, the subscription is payable from the subscriber’s prepaid balance or post-paid account. Even without a credit card, customers gain access to a library of more than 400 curated premium apps and games.

Opera apps club launch in Indonesia

Gamers can enjoy unlimited premium apps and games

Newzoo research reported that there are 42.8 million gamers in Indonesia, and more than half of them are willing to spend money on games. However, the annual average spend per payer in Indonesia is less than Rp. 15,000 per month – below Southeast Asia’s average.

“Mobile users in Indonesia are willing to spend money on premium apps and games, but many are cost conscious about mobile bills and do not own a credit card,” says Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia & Southeast Asia at Opera. “The biggest advantage is that users get access to unlocked versions of popular apps and games at a flat fee per week. All these benefits would cost customers as much as Rp. 26.5 million without Opera Apps Club.”

Opera aims to provide gamers with the best quality in premium apps. To this end, Opera has established close partnerships with over 150 top global and regional publishers and developers. They are responsible for some of the best apps in the world. Popular downloads include Angry Birds Rio Premium, Cut the Rope, Talking Tom and many more. 

How to download Opera Apps Club

XL users can visit http://tokokece.xl.co.id or send an SMS with “REG OP7” to 99588 to subscribe, while Tri users can go to  http://trixogo.tri.co.id or send an SMS with “XOGO” to 97333.