Extra discounts in 18 online stores for Opera users in Harboldan

Opera will celebrate Ramadan by  offering discounts to shoppers as part of Hari Belanja Online Ramadan (Harboldan/Ramadan Online Shopping Day) 2016. As a supporting partner, leading internet-services company Opera offers discounts to shoppers with voucher code SHOPWITHOPERA at Zalora, Lazada, Brand Outlet, MatahariMall, Asmaraku, Harga Hot, Muslimarket, VIP Plaza, Zataru, Sociovit and Tororo.

Ramadan is becoming one of the biggest online shopping seasons in Indonesia. According to the browsing  behavior of Opera Mini users in Indonesia, page views of shopping sites increased by 69% at the beginning of Ramadan this year, compared to the same period in 2015. Google also recently shared data from last year’s Ramadan that indicates a significant spike in shopping categories such as Apparel (29%), Travel (30%), Smartphone (17%), Telecommunication (19%) and Consumer Electronics (24%).

Opera shopping online

“We are always looking for new ways to engage and thank our fans,” says Growth Director Asia at Opera, Ivollex Hodiny. “We jumped at the opportunity to take part in Harboldan, because we knew right away that this is the best way to connect with our fans and users, and to celebrate this holiday season together.”

E-commerce sites increase online traffic

More than 30 e-commerce players are taking part in this year’s Harboldan. Several big names in Indonesian e-commerce industry, such as MatahariMall, Lazada and Zalora, are scheduled to slash prices on items across various shopping categories. While there has been an overall increase in online traffic and sales during the first couple of weeks, e-commerce players believe that the Ramadan shopping season will continue growing, reaching its peak at Harboldan on June 24.

“We had a great first couple of weeks this Ramadan season,” explains Hadi Wenas, CEO of MatahariMall. “We managed to triple our average daily online sales and grew the average daily visits five-fold. However, we are confident that Harboldan will produce even more fantastic numbers for MatahariMall.”

Save time and data with Opera

Browsing for a perfect deal uses up both time and mobile data on the go. To gain further savings during this holiday season, Opera invites shoppers to use Opera Max, the data-management Android app that can help save up to 50% of data with shopping apps such as OLX and Lazada.