New partnership with Opera Browser protects identity and privacy while browsing on the HTC EXODUS 1

HTC’S EXODUS 1 Expands Privacy and Security for Worldwide UsersHTC’S EXODUS 1 Expands Privacy &
Security for Worldwide Users

  • The EXODUS 1 challenges big data business models of large tech companies
  • New partnership with Opera Browser protects identity and privacy while browsing on the HTC EXODUS 1
  • Following validation from the crypto community, the HTC EXODUS 1
    is now available in Fiat currency

MWC, Barcelona – Starting today, EXODUS 1 users can update their device over-the-air to interact with a host of new partners and take advantage of the new decentralized web.

The HTC EXODUS 1 is the first smartphone built for this new internet.

There is an increasing movement towards protecting our privacy and data security, driven by skepticism of how large tech companies are using our data and uncertainty as to how secure it actually is.

Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC says
EXODUS is about the future of data and getting the right architecture for the Internet, one that includes security, privacy and transfer of ownership of data back to the person generating it

The decentralized web will allow users to protect and secure their own data by providing more transparent peer to peer services, removing the middlemen that used to benefit from holding your information.  We are now able to own our own profile and associated digital assets across platforms and even get incentivized to share selected information. This decentralized movement will revolutionize how we manage people’s data and also allow the creation of new business models that do not rely on the storage and exploitation of users information.

To support the Web 3.0 movement, the EXODUS team is releasing the Zion Key Management API to selected partners with a focus on protecting user data.

Opera, the world’s first crypto-ready browser, is the first organisation to take advantage of the API. This means that Opera users can enjoy the added security to their crypto assets on the EXODUS 1 and interact, transact with and login to services directly using their private keys held securely on their device.

Charles Hamel, Head of Crypto at Opera browsers says “We are at the dawn of a new generation of the Web, one where new decentralized services will challenge the status quo. HTC and Opera have both made the bold decision to be the first to step up and enable this transformation. We are very proud to partner with EXODUS and together define a new standard for usability and security of crypto.”

The EXODUS – Opera collaboration is setting an industry standard on how user friendly blockchain experiences can be secured, thereby allowing more people to safely explore the benefit of blockchain technology and decentralized apps and services.

A prominent example of using Opera with the Zion wallet includes being able to make direct micropayments to content websites, which has the potential to reshape the face of journalism and create a new, content centred revenue stream away from the hands of controlling tech giants and click chasing advertising models.

New purchase options for EXODUS 1

Since the launch of Early Access sales, the EXODUS 1 has received the support and validation of the crypto community and leaders within it, including Vitalik Buterin and Glen Weyl. Following that, the EXODUS 1 is now expanding its reach to non-crypto natives who want to explore the new internet and the security and possibilities it brings. Starting today, the EXODUS 1 is available to purchase in Fiat currency at a price of USD $699 in the United States and in local prices globally. This is in addition to its original purchase options of BTC, ETH and LTC. In addition, through a new partnership with Binance, you can also purchase your EXODUS 1 using BNB.

Following these updates, EXODUS 1 users can also enjoy the added support for ERC-721 tokens with Decentraland and Etheremon.

Additional DApp providers joining EXODUS 1

HTC EXODUS is further expanding its DApp offerings for Exodus 1 through new integrations with:

  • Blockfolio: The World’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.
  • Numbers: AI solution for devices that tracks things like walking, sleeping and driving behavior in order to separate this data – with user consent – and package it for third parties in order to inform personalized service offerings.
  • Nodle: A connectivity provider for the Internet of Things, which will be utilizing the Zion Vault SDK in the coming months.


About HTC EXODUS & Zion wallet:

HTC’s Project EXODUS is a smartphone solution that will power the decentralized web.
For more than 20 years, HTC has created foundational technology for worldwide mobile and virtual reality technology. Through EXODUS, HTC is investing in the development and implementation of blockchain technology that will usher in a new area of secure data storage and transactions and take blockchain technology mobile for the first time.

Zion, your private vault on the blockchain, allows you to conduct crypto transactions, view and manage your crypto collectibles, and manage your crypto life while maintaining ownership of your keys. With your Zion wallet, store, send, and request bitcoin, ether, litecoin, selected ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 collectibles.


You can keep up to date with Phil’s Vlog

About OPERA:

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera delivers browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to more than 320 million people worldwide. The company remains one of the most innovative browser creators in the world. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol.