Opera brings Opera GX, the world’s first gaming browser to macOS

A survey conducted by Opera reveals that almost half of US gamers experience technical issues while playing games

Oslo, Norway

Opera GX is now ready to run on your Mac. According to a representative study conducted by Opera on gamers in the US, 14% of people play computer games on their macOS devices, while 82% use Windows machines. Although not dominant on the market, Mac remains a relevant gaming environment. The macOS version of the world’s first gaming browser is now available for download in early access mode.

Almost half of gamers experience technical issues while playing games. Opera GX solves them

Opera conducted a survey to find out more about gamers as well as understand which problems they encounter while playing games.

49% of people experience some technical issues: 30% are troubled by network problems, 26% by RAM issues and 14% run into CPU trouble.           

Both on Mac and Windows, Opera GX offers a unique set of features that provides solutions to these problems. The set of browser limiters, which includes a Network Bandwidth Limiter, as well as CPU and RAM Limiters, prevents the browser from becoming resource-hungry. What this means in practice is that everyone’s machines are left with more resources for running games.

Opera GX’s set of features is unique and relevant to every person who is serious about games. Ever since the launch of the Windows version during E3 in Los Angeles, we have been receiving many requests from gamers to add Mac support. We are happy to now be bringing the unique GX experience to macOS users,” said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX.

The younger you are, the more you play

According to Opera’s research, American gamers spend an average of 1-2 hours a day playing games. Gamers below 24 years of age, however, spend more than 2 hours a day playing games. Men tend to play longer than women: 41% of male respondents and 36% of female respondents respectively spend two hours a day gaming.

Women and men also vary in the type of games they prefer: The majority of men prefer first person shooters, followed by role playing games and simulation sports games, while women’s favorite games are role-playing games, followed by first person shooters and simulation sports games. Men in general also seem to play a wider variety of games while women enjoy playing puzzle games like Candy Crush and memory games on their mobile phones.

Most people watch games on YouTube

According to the results, 65 percent of those surveyed follow games on YouTube, followed by 25% using Twitch and 12% resorting to Mixer, with some overlap.

Regardless of the platform one follows, Opera GX’s Network Limiter allows users to reduce the network bandwidth used by their browser to stream or watch gameplay, ensuring that they are able to play without lag. The special Twitch integration in the sidebar allows everyone to follow their favorite streamers while the Video pop-out function allows people to play YouTube or other videos on top of the game they are currently playing.

Most-played games

16% of American gamers typically try a new game every day, while 64% do so twice a month or less frequently. Currently, the most popular game is Minecraft, followed by Fortnite, World of Warcraft and NBA2K.

Opera GX includes a dedicated GX Corner – a special space with news about games, upcoming game releases, as well as the best deals and discounts from all over the web.

US gamers love a personalized user interface

Opera GX also includes a personalized user interface, which allows gamers to adjust the browser to their color preferences and match their gaming setup. The newest version on both Windows and Mac also includes a set of new, specially designed wallpapers.

Opera GX is available in early access mode, which means it is still being shaped based on feedback from users. You can use the feedback buttons in the browser to provide your feedback about particular features.

The world’s first gaming browser, Opera GX, is available for download on both Mac and Windows at www.opera.com/gx

The survey panel was conducted using Pollfish on a representative sample of 1000 Americans

About Opera:

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