Opera launches Wallpaper Showdown on mobile browsers, inviting users to showcase their creativity 

A pair of mobile phones show unique wallpapers.

OSLO, NORWAY – August 3rd, 2023 – Opera, a leading web innovator, is announcing the Wallpaper Showdown, a competition that invites users to showcase their creativity for a chance to win cash prizes from the pool of $10,000. Previously only available on Opera for Android, the company’s custom wallpapers feature has now been expanded to Opera for iOS. Now, Opera users across mobile platforms can infuse their browsing experience with their own unique artistic flair – and win big by doing so.

“At Opera we strive to promote individuality and freedom of expression – to allow users to transform their browsing space into something unique, their own. By launching the Wallpaper Showdown, we hope to encourage users to really strut their stuff, to show off their creativity to the world,” said Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera.

Custom wallpapers first came to Opera’s flagship mobile browser, Opera for Android. Boasting a range of user-friendly features – such as free VPN and VPN Pro services, a built-in ad-blocker, and Aria, a free-to-use, unlimited AI tool – Opera for Android provides a seamless and secure browsing experience that users can truly make their own.

Now, Opera’s award-winning mobile platform for iOS has been updated to include custom wallpapers. With all of the same security features as Opera for Android, its iOS cousin additionally incorporates Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Cryptojacking Protection to offer users the optimal iOS experience. 

Always focused on speed and security, Opera’s custom wallpapers are also a nod to users’ individuality and creativity. Users can convert their browsing journey into an immersive visual delight that echoes their unique style. Previously preset, a users’ browser backdrop can now feature anything they choose: awe-inspiring landscapes, cherished memories, preferred pieces of art – the canvas is blank, the possibilities only limited by users’ imaginations.

Launching today, the competition will run in three phases. In the first stage, participants have the opportunity to design and submit wallpapers that resonate with their distinct styles. Whether these wallpapers are hand-drawn, digitally designed, or AI-generated, the scope for expression is limitless. Submissions will be accepted on a dedicated landing page until August 20th 23:59 CEST. Next, the creative team at Opera will evaluate all entries to ensure they meet the requisite quality standards. The team will then shortlist 15 outstanding wallpapers to be put up for public voting.

The final phase will kick off on August 28th, when the public will cast their votes on a public voting page and select their favorite designs. Each person can vote for up to five wallpapers. The voting will last for a week, concluding on September 3rd 23:59 CEST. Then, the results of the Wallpaper Showdown will be announced. The creators of the top ten designs will be contacted via email with instructions on how to claim their cash prizes.

To join the Wallpaper Showdown competition, please visit the official website and submit your entry. 

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