Opera posts 63% growth in new monthly users on iOS in Europe a month after DMA came into force

Opera's new users on iOS surge in the wake of DMA regulations.

Oslo, Norway – April 10th, 2024 – Norwegian browser innovator Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA] reported 63% growth in monthly new users for Opera for iOS across Europe from February to March 2024. Furthermore, Opera is increasingly being chosen as the default browser on iOS, with 39% growth from March 3rd until April 4th. The news, which follows a significant spike of new users immediately after March 6th, underscores the positive impact of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – an EU regulation promoting fair competition and user choice – and is a testament to Europeans’ eagerness to express their preference and explore alternative browsers.

“As a challenger browser, Opera has always had to work hard to stand out in an uneven marketplace,” said Jørgen Arnsen, EVP Mobile at Opera. “Now that the DMA regulation is working to even the playing field, we’re excited to see that it has become easier for users to express their browser choice and for that choice to be respected.”

The number of monthly new users of Opera for iOS across Europe has increased a substantial 63% from February to March 2024: France recorded the most significant gain of 146%, with Germany next at 57%, followed by Spain with 50%, Poland with 45%, and Italy with 20%.

Also, the number of Opera for iOS organic users who have selected Opera as their default browser has risen 39% across Europe between March 3rd and April 4th. The increase reflects how effective the DMA ballot has been in allowing users to opt out of pre-installed browsers, and instead select their favorite as the default.

These figures underscore the effectiveness of the DMA in working to level the playing field, and highlight the strength of Opera’s appeal to mobile users across Europe. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Opera remains committed to leading the charge in browser innovation, offering users a secure, fast, and personalized web experience. With features like built-in ad and tracker blockers, a free VPN, and an innovative browser AI, Aria, Opera is the best alternative browser out there.

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