Opera now lets you decorate your tabs with emojis

You can now decorate your tabs with Emojis in Opera browser for desktop.

Oslo, Norway – June 4, 2024 – Opera, the original browser company, today announced the release of a new feature that gives you the ability to embellish your tabs with emojis. Tab Emojis bring a fresh level of customization to the browser by allowing users to add an emoji to each tab they open. Adding emojis to selected tabs helps them stand out from the rest. It also provides users with a new and fun way to organize their browsing experience, and prioritize the tabs that matter the most.

Used by 90% of internet users worldwide, emojis have become an essential part of how people express themselves online. It has also been shown that using a diverse set of emojis improves people’s life satisfaction

A world without emojis would be plain sad – we don’t even want to think about that. With this release, we went in quite the opposite direction and created Tab Emojis. This feature lets Opera users add some fun directly to their tabs by decorating them with a smiley, an animal, a fruit, a vegetable or any of the over one thousand emojis of their choice ,“ said Joanna Czajka, Product Director at Opera “We’re excited to see how creative our users get with this,” she added.

Beyond bringing a pinch of fun and customization to the browser, Tab Emojis also deliver organizational benefits: adding an emoji to a tab makes it stand out from the other tabs and makes it visually recognizable. For example, If there is a tab which contains urgent work, users can add the 🚨 emoji, making it easier to get back to what is most important to them. It is the users that decide what emojis to pick and which meanings to assign to them. 

Users can quickly identify and decorate their tabs by assigning emojis to them by hovering over any tab and then accessing a menu of five pre-selected emojis. They can also explore a vast collection of over a thousand options with the ‘+’ button. Emojis can be easily changed or removed the same way they were added.

This is not the first time that Opera delves into the world of emojis. The Norwegian browser was the first one to enable emoji-based web addresses which allow internet domains to have a URL composed exclusively of emojis.Tab Emojis further demonstrates Opera’s belief that a browser can deliver both fun and functionality through different means.

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