Opera – The Browser of Choice for the Internet Device Market

New strategic deal to be signed Friday at CeBIT: hall 26, Ericsson booth

Hannover, Germany – Feb. 24, 2000

The new strategy at Opera of focusing on Internet devices has proven effective. Opera has so far signed agreements with Be and Screen Media to deliver the browser to their Internet Devices and on Friday the 25th of February Opera will announce a new breakthrough agreement.

Opera Software embraced the emerging market of Internet devices in 1998 — porting the Opera browser to four platforms: Linux, Be, Mac, and Epoc. Now, two years later, Opera is proud to announce the first products are appearing.

“Our vision is to deliver the best Internet experience from any device on all major platforms. The Internet device market is still in a state of flux and Opera with its different Operating systems is poised to take advantage of this” stated Jon von Tetzchner, founder and CEO of Opera Software. “We are positioned to deliver browser on different devices regardless of which operating system emerges as standard. At Opera we offer our partners flexibility; flexibility and a close relationship with the process.”

“Triggered by all the innovative cross partnering the market for Internet devices is expanding rapidly” stated Rolf Assev, VP Sales and Marketing. “We believe that within a few years the number of Internet devices will far outstrip the number of PC’s with Internet access. Opera has positioned itself to become the browser of choice in the Internet device market. Opera Software expects that new products such as Internet screen-phone devices and digital set-top-boxes will be ‘killer products’ that within a few years will capture a huge market. It has therefore been of great importance for Opera Software to enter into partnership with manufacturers of such devices at an early stage.”

As of today Opera software has entered into strategic agreements with both Be Inc. and Screen Media AS. Friday the 25th of February Opera Software is expected to sign another breakthrough agreement with one of the major manufacturers in the Internet device market. Look to CeBIT, Hall 26 and the Ericsson booth at 11AM CET for an announcement. Opera Software representatives will be on hand to answer questions regarding the announcement and will further be available via phone and e-mail.

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About Opera Software

Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in the development of Webbrowsers for the desktop and embedded markets, partnering withcompanies such as IBM, AMD, Symbian, Canal+ Technologies, Ericsson,Sharp and Lineo (now a division of Embedix). The Opera browser hasreceived international recognition from end users and the industrypress for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than otherbrowsers. Opera is available on Windows, Mac, Linux/Solaris, OS/2,Symbian OS and QNX. Opera Software ASA is a privately held companyheadquartered in Oslo, Norway. Learn more about Opera at www.opera.com.