Screen Media and Opera Software Announce Strategic Alliance

New partnership enables development of ‘FreePad’, a Linux based wireless Internet device

Oslo, Norway – Feb. 17, 2000

Screen Media A/S and Opera Software ASA today announced a technology and marketing alliance in which the companies will work together to embed Opera Software’s Opera for Linux-NanoX browser in Screen Media’s FreePad Web Terminal. The alliance combines Screen Media’s strengths in wireless Internet and telephony technology with Opera Software’s leadership in the development and delivery of highly efficient HTML rendering solutions to provide consumers and business users with wireless Internet access and telephony in one simple and easy to use device – FreePad.

FreePad is a device that offers consumers services like web browsing, e-mail, fax, voicemail and answering machine, a personal assistant with contact list, wireless printing, a smart-card terminal and more. Plus, FreePad is an advanced ISDN or POTS telephony appliance and is fully DECT GAP compliant. More on FreePad at:

The NanoX version of the Opera for Linux browser is the engine with which FreePad interprets the Web. The Linux version of the award winning Opera browser known for its speed, small memory footprint, versatility, and functionality. Opera for Linux-NanoX includes HTML 4.0, CSS 1 and 2, Javascript, SSL, image rendering, HTTP 1.1 and plug-in support.

The explosion of Internet and wireless technology has encouraged Screen Media and Opera to combine their resources and technology to develop a wireless device that merges the electronic communication needs of today’s household: Internet access and telephony in one simple and easy to use device. The device includes the Opera for Linux web browser, CTI applications, a DECT wireless transmitter and a Smart card reader controlled by a central system provided by Screen Media. FreePad is a turnkey communication solution for Telcos, ISPs, communities, portals and the consumer market. The combination of wireless data and telephony included in FreePad is based upon available technology (ISDN, ADSL, PSTN, CATV) yet is a unique offering.

“At Opera we’re excited to be involved in the FreePad project. FreePad has huge potential and is a natural way for Opera to become involved in the Linux market” stated Opera CEO and co-founder Jon von Tetzchner. “I see FreePad as easing the complications technology sometimes brings to our lives, and we’re working closely with Screen Media to bring consumers the simple solution without sacrificing functionality” stated Jon.

“After an intensive comparison of different web browsers I found the technology I was looking for to enable me to make FreePad. Opera for Linux is perfect for the Freepad”, stated Carl Henrik Janson, CEO and founder of Screen Media. The solid combination of Opera for Linux and the Linux operating system is essential for FreePad. “We are convinced that FreePad will be a large success with the Opera for Linux and Opera Software’s skill set for future developments”, said Carl.

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