Company to Preview Opera for Linux Browser 4.0a

Opera browser programmers available from, booth No. 473

New York, NY – Feb. 2, 2000

Opera Software ASA Tuesday announced that it will be demonstrating its latest Opera for Linux 4.0a (Qt Edition) Technology Preview 2 as guests of at the Linux World Conference and Expo, Feb. 2-4, 2000, at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Among the Opera staff attending the Linux World Expo are the lead developers of Opera for Linux, Darren Starr and Karl Anders Oygard who are available to the press and public at Booth No. 473.

Opera for Linux in its current state is not usable as a full browser, yet Opera Software in the company’s tradition of openness invites the public and its dedicated users to try Opera for Linux and watch the development of the browser unfold.

Opera for Linux (QT Edition) lead programmer Darren Starr states: “This latest Technology Preview has improved greatly over the first — we’re moving forward by leaps and bounds. Currently we’re concentrating on addressing user wishes and implementing features. It is progressing fairly quickly and I’ve been releasing when it works. So far that has meant updates every 3 to 5 weeks.”

The Opera for Linux browser is based on the latest 4.0 code of the award winning popular browser Opera for Windows; known for its small size, low memory footprint, speed and flexibility. Opera for Linux is being demonstrated from Booth No. 473 and is available for download from the Internet.

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