No Starch Press Announces Publication of the Definitive Opera 5.x Book

The ultimate guide to the Opera Web browser

San Francisco, CA – Mar. 6, 2001

Computer book publisher No Starch Press, Inc. and Opera Software, creators of the Opera Web browser, today announced the launch of the ultimate guide to using Opera, the widely popular, small and powerful Web browser. As the world’s third most popular browser, more than 1.5 million users are currently running Opera. The Opera 5.x Book, due out this April, shows users how to customize Opera and take full advantage of its powerful features.

Providing a solid alternative to sluggish, bloated browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape, Opera’s success is drawing more and more people each month. And it’s no wonder. The Opera browser is fast, compact, configurable, cross-platform, and more standards-compliant than competing browsers.

“We’re very excited to be supporting Opera with this book,” says No Starch Press publisher William Pollock. “I love the Opera browser because it lets me cruise the Web at lightspeed – even on a 56k modem. Unlike IE or Netscape, Opera lets me totally control my Internet experience. I’ve turned our whole company on to it. It lets me open multiple links in one instance, turn images on or off easily, zoom in or out of documents, save open windows (and reopen them) with one click, and much more. “

The Opera 5.x Book, by J.S. Lyster, ($29.95 w/CD-ROM, ISBN 1-886411-47-6, April 2001) shows readers at all levels how to use Opera and its advanced browsing techniques and customization features.

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