Opera 5.0 for Macintosh Technology Preview 1 Released

Opera unwraps Macintosh Browser

OSLO, Norway – Feb. 21, 2001

Opera Software today released a Technology Preview (TP) version of its browser for the Macintosh Operating System. The browser promises a better Internet experience to Macintosh users through better speed and performance in a compact, non-bloated program.

Technology Preview is a term for a publicly released alpha version. Although an Opera alpha will probably not harm a users computer, frequent bugs and crashes are to be expected. Opera’s release of Technology Previews follows in the company’s tradition of openness towards the Internet community, inviting them to provide feedback to Opera’s developers, while watching the browser’s development unfold.

“The look and feel – as well as capabilities of Opera 5 for Macintosh – will certainly change dramatically before a final release, but Macintosh fans can already now see in what direction our browser is heading,” says Hakon Lie, Chief Technology Officer of Opera Software. “What’s important now is that as many people as possible test it, and submit bug reports to us. The more users who help us, the better a browser we are able to provide the Macintosh community,” he ends.

Opera 5.0 for Macintosh will work on Power PC Mac’s running MacOS 7.5 or later. Systems prior to 8.0 will require installation of Appearance Manager. A version for 68K processors, as well as OS X will follow at a later stage.

Opera 5.0 for Macintosh TP 1 supports the following features:

  • Fast rendering of pages
  • 128-bit encryption
  • TLS 1.0
  • SSL 2/3
  • CSS1 and CSS2
  • XML
  • HTML 4.0
  • HTTP 1.1
  • ECMAScript
  • JavaScript 1.3
  • Standards compliance

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About Opera Software

Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in the development of Webbrowsers for the desktop and embedded markets, partnering withcompanies such as IBM, AMD, Symbian, Canal+ Technologies, Ericsson,Sharp and Lineo (now a division of Embedix). The Opera browser hasreceived international recognition from end users and the industrypress for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than otherbrowsers. Opera is available on Windows, Mac, Linux/Solaris, OS/2,Symbian OS and QNX. Opera Software ASA is a privately held companyheadquartered in Oslo, Norway. Learn more about Opera at www.opera.com.