OperaMail Premium service introduced

Opera introduces Premium Webmail at rock bottom price

Oslo, Norway – July 8, 2002

Today, the OperaMail free Web-based e-mail service was updated with OperaMail Premium services, offering users the ability to enjoy a wide range of e-mail services in a completely ad-free environment for just over USD 1 per month.

OperaMail Premium gives users access to more storage space for their e-mails and the ability to check and send off e-mails on the Web or via third-party e-mail clients through POP e-mail download, as well as e-mail forwarding, spell checking, replied messages marking and filtering, in a completely ad-free environment at the low introductory price of USD 15.99 per year.

“OperaMail Premium offers the most complete set of features and functionality of a Web-based e-mail provider at almost half the price of what our two largest Webmail competitors can offer,” says Dean Kakridas, VP desktop products.

Opera offers a full-featured Webmail service at a much lower price than Yahoo! and Hotmail. A comparison chart is available.

“OperaMail will continue to be a free Webmail service open to all,” says Kakridas, “but our users have requested additional premium services, and we are very proud to provide all our new and old users with such a complete and feature-packed WebMail package.”

Users who would like to try out OperaMail free Web-based e-mail, can sign up for free at www.operamail.com. Users who would like to sign up for OperaMail Premium, have to sign up for regular OperaMail first and can then upgrade the service to OperaMail Premium for USD 15.99 for a limited time.

OperaMail is hosted by Outblaze Ltd.

Find more information about Opera, or download the Opera Web browserfor free.

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