Operators making money on Opera Mini: Two million users surf 4 million Web pages every day

Oslo, Norway – April 6, 2006


Opera Software’s new mobile Web browser, Opera Mini, has attracted two million users around the world. While every user does not browse every day, the daily number of Web pages surfed with Opera Mini exceeds four million, proving the browser has become very popular among mobile phone owners. After Opera Mini’s compression, the average Web page size is between 10 and 20 kilobytes. With the current usage, Opera Mini’s users generate between 38 and 76 gigabytes of data traffic every day, providing a healthy revenue stream for operators. Opera Mini can dramatically boost operators’ ARPU and increase the market demand for data-packages.


Since T-Mobile started offering Opera Mobile to deliver the full Internet on their smartphones in 2005, the mobile browser has proven itself to be a compelling revenue booster. During the first few months after the launch of web’n’walk in June 2005, an average web’n’walk customer was visiting 330 Internet pages per month. This resulted in an increase of 489 percent in data volume per user and 119 percent of data ARPU (excl. SMS) per user. T-Mobile will now offer Opera Mini on their high-volume feature phones, providing full Web access and increasing ARPU across their entire customer segment.


“Smartphone owners have already shown the potential of full Internet services to boost ARPU,„ said Tony Cripps, Wireless Software Analyst, Ovum. “Now mobile operators can extend that option across their customer base and free users from the confines of the walled garden.”


“Opera Mini is making a big impact on the entire mobile value chain,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Operators can increase their ARPU while mobile phone users can surf the Web on their phones. We are also seeing a lot of interest from mobile content providers, online newspapers and companies, such as Pricerunner.com, that want to give their users mobile access to their Web sites and services.”


Opera Software continues to offer branded or regular versions of Opera Mini to operators, handset manufacturers, content providers and other companies that want to offer a Web browser to their customers.




Eskil Sivertsen
PR Manager, Mobile
Opera Software
E-mail: eskils@opera.com
Tel: +47 2416 4213