Opera supports single chip set-top box solutions from STMicroelectronics

Oslo, Norway – 17 January 2007

Opera Software today announced that the Opera SDK for Devices now supports STMicroelectronics” STi710X family ofhigh-definition TV single-chip set-top box decoders. Manufacturers usingSTMicroelectronics” STi710X solutions to enable very high performance forcost optimized set-top boxes will now be able to include the fast andfull-featured Opera browser on these devices.

Opera will enhance set-top boxes by presenting the full Internet to usersand providing the tools to create dynamic Web applications and userinterfaces with Web technology. With Opera’s support forSTMicroelectronics” platform out-of-the-box, device manufacturers canreduce the time-to-market for new deployments, resulting in less portingtime and lower costs.

We are engaging with leaders in the industry so that set-top boxmanufacturers using our chip solution have access to a range ofbest-in-breed middleware solutions, says Monica de Virgiliis, Home VideoDivision General Manager, STMicroelectronics. We are delighted with theOpera browser, which offers the full, fast and safe Web experience thatend-users demand, and provides the added benefit of reducingtime-to-market, which is important to our customers.

STMicroelectronics is the industry leader in offering high quality andfeature-rich decoders for set-top-boxes. STMicroelectronics” devicescombine all of the functions of a set-top box on a single chip andcomplemented by the established low level driver set, STAPI, provide acost-efficient solution to manufacturers. Coupled with Opera, the ultimateresult is increased functionality with a reduction in cost andtime-to-market.

As a leading supplier of chipsets globally, STMicroelectronics is avalued partner for Opera, says Michael Link, Director of ProductManagement, Opera Software. The Opera 9 SDK for Devices is designed tomeet the needs of innovative OEMs and operators to bring Web technology totheir devices. By supporting STMicroelectronics” platform we deliverleading Web technologies to OEMs and operators, helping them to get theirdevices into the market faster.


The Opera 9 SDK for Devices now includes support for the ST7100 andST7109. Request the commercial evaluation kit atwww.opera.com/devices.