Opera and I-Plus Technology bring Web and Widgets to TVs

Oslo, Norway – April 22, 2009

South Korea-based I-Plus Technology Co.has selected the Opera Devices SDK 9.7 for the latest addition to its IPset-top box (STB) family, the IPT110. With Opera inside, hospitality andresidential customers can start surfing the Web, complete with Widgets, ontheir TV screens.

The Opera-enhanced IPT110 will deliver Video-on-Demand (VOD) and IPTVservices to customers. I-Plus Technology will use Opera technology tocontrol and display Web-based IPTV and VOD content and browse the Web,optimized for the TV screen.

“We were looking for Web browser software that would provide our customersand end-users with a stable, fast and TV-optimized Web experience,” saidI-Plus Technology Co. “The Web is a key component to our product and weuse Opera’s technology for more than simple Web browsing. Opera is a fastand efficient way to create and display content, getting our new STB onthe market and in customers’ hands even quicker.”

The Opera Devices SDK also allows I-Plus Technology to take advantage ofOpera Widgets. Widgets provide added flexibility by allowing select Webcontent to be accessible directly from the home-screen.

“A superior Web experience adds value to IPTV products. With Opera you notonly get a first-class browser but you also get the tools to create anddisplay other content, saving development time and resources,” said JamesWei, Senior Vice President, Asia, Opera Software. “I-Plus Technologydemonstrates true industry leadership by pushing the boundaries of howcontent is delivered and presented on their set-top boxes.”

About I-Plus Technology Co., Ltd.

I-Plus Technologies Co., Ltd., as a leading digital and IPTV set top boxmanufacturer in Korea. Since the early start-up, we have been achievingkey digital technologies. I-Plus Technologies finally has put its allresources onto developing Digital and IPTV STB business and now becomeavailable to meet customers with a variety of STB meeting various demandsof customers. I-Plus Technologies has developed and experienced supplyinga variety of STB to digital operators in worldwide successfully.Under the “Total quality management”, our product is carefully controlledand monitored through all process such as product planning, design,manufacturing, inspection, and after-sales service.