Opera to add 10,001st student to its Education program

Oslo, Norway – April 22, 2009

Following last year’s success, Opera today kicks off the second year of its university tour program. The program is aimed to work closely with schools and universities across the globe to enhance learning about the Web. This semester, Opera meets the students in India, Indonesia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Spain, Russia and Brazil. See the full schedule: www.opera.com/company/education/tours/.

“The university tour we kicked off last year exceeded our expectations, gathering close to 10,000 students and professors who are enthusiastic about the Web,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software. “The students were actively taking part in discussions on important topics facing the future and challenges of the Web, raising relevant questions about the industry. In all, 840 students so far have joined Opera’s Campus Crew program to continue the discussion on important Web issues and technologies on their campuses, as well as to network with other future industry leaders.”

“The students that are seeking a degree want real life examples and want to be involved in the discussion on how to make the Web better,” said Risanto Darmawan, Multimedia Lecturer at Krisnadwipayana University, Jakarta. “Students were attending Opera’s Education program with great interest and are carrying Opera’s initiative further by meeting in discussion groups and organizing debates on the subject matter. We are interested in the Web and want to be involved in shaping it.”

This year’s seminars will continue to explore topics such as the history and future of the Web, the browser industry, open Web standards, Web applications and the increasing role of mobile Web browsing in developing countries. The Opera Education program gives students a possibility to take part in Opera’s representatives program and learn about internship opportunities at Opera.

In 2008, Opera’s university tours were held in 89 universities in 11 countries, meeting close to 10,000 students and professors. Learn more about the program: www.opera.com/company/education/tours/.