Opera 10 sprints toward the finish line with new release candidate

Efforts indicate a September 1st launch for Opera 10 Final

Oslo, Norway – August 25, 2009

Opera today released the first releasecandidate for Opera 10. Today’s release points to a September 1st launchfor the final version of Opera 10. You can download and test the releasecandidate from www.opera.com/browser/next/.

The Opera 10 release candidate is feature complete, with a surprisingarray of new features, a fresh look and feel, a new application icon, andenhanced speed and performance. Opera 10 features Opera Turbo, the newbandwidth-booster for slow Internet connections. It also features asignificantly improved Opera Mail, Opera’s built-in e-mail client. Tabbedbrowsing enters the next phase of its evolution with resizeable, thumbnailtabs. The upgrade of Opera’s Speed Dial now gives users a chance topersonalize their favorite online destinations and the overall look andfeel of their start page.

Finally, Opera has always been about speed and performance. Opera 10 isnow much faster on resource intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook andis more than 40% faster than Opera 9.6. Web developers can enjoy Web Fontssupport, RGBA/HSLA color and new SVG improvements.

What we say

“The release candidate pushes us closer to the final launch of Opera 10,”said Jan Standal, Vice President of Desktop Products, Opera. “We paidspecial attention to the mail client, which is one of our most enduringand popular features. Now, we are very close to releasing the best browserin Opera’s long history. We hope everyone who has helped us test ourbrowser thus far will put the release candidate through its paces. Witheveryone’s help, Opera 10 will surprise a lot of people with its speed,stability and powerful features.”

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